Asafa in 10,29 Q

Nice one for the update link!

Interesting results…I wonder how difficult it is to peak at this time of year…I get tired thinking about competing over 100m so early in the year…

No MLF either…very interesting…

How is Gardener ever going to improve in the 100 looking like this:

Great photo, good to see asafa cruising again.

Talking about Jason Gardener, is it me or has he put on a little weight this season?

Saw the race last night. Around 1m/s head wind but when they started running it almost stopped.

Asafa ran 30m hard and then he walked the rest :slight_smile:

Other runners were giving everything they had. Got some pretty good photos with AP and Linford Christie who was there too…

In 4x100 AP ran faster then in 100m…at least he tried to run :slight_smile: