Asafa hurt again

Too Many sub 10 sec races catching up to asafa?

Lots of hammy problems down south so far this year.

He hasn’t completed a race yet, this year… things are not looking good for him. I can’t see him making the WC team this year with trials 1 month away. I think Asafa needs to take a sabbatical/short-term retirement from sprinting for the next year or so and try to come back for 2015. His body is just clearly breaking down and he needs to take a little break or just hang it up forever.

I have heard of elite triathletes and cyclists taking a 1-2yr relaxed year away competition in their final few yrs, then come back and compete for a final 2-3yrs with good success.
He needs to continue training, work on any issues and build himself up structurally and nutritionally.

It would be good to somebody like Asafa do this, and come back Nasty fast!!

I agree. Come back. Drop a 9.54 and retire cause he will probably blow a tire running that fast

Tyson Gay’s surgery appears to have worked.

Asafa is in as good as shape, as ever according to coach steven francis…he has a trainer at his side encouraging him what to do away from the track(i guess as far as rehab would be concerned)… I couldn’t help but recall a couple years ago where asafa said he was having some problems with his toes, which reminded me of this video of dan pfaff coaching/speaking on 100m components…

…at 6:53 of vid, he talks about people who project low with extreme shin angles and issues they develop regarding lower leg(flexor hallucis, flexor digitorum) which could lead to achilles infiltration…

As we know with asafa from his storied career of sub 10 races and vicious drive and
frequency out the blocks, he has always projected low out the blocks with extreme
shin angles…i wonder what he has done regarding his toe problems in the past, and
if in fact it is flexor hallucis and digitorum?