Aries Merritt World Record 110mH 12.80

I know this was yesterday, surprised it was not already posted. Amazing season by Merritt winning US indoor nationals, World Indoors, US Oly. trials, Olympic champion and a word record to end the season. According to track and field news AM had 8 wind legal sub 13 performances.

I saw him run sub-13 at the low key Arkansas Twilight Meet in early May. I didn’t know he was going to have this kind of a season, but he had his stuff together from the get-go this year. I mean consider that Liu Xiang and Dayron Robles have traded shots at this record over the past number of years and shaving it by the skinniest of margins, and Merritt runs this spectacular time. Seems like a nice guy as well. Does anyone know who he works with?

He trains at Texas A&M with Vince Anderson and Andreas Behm. Behm’s name seems to come up more recently than Anderson’s so I don’t know if he’s shifted totally to working with AB only.

I’ll ask, I know someone there in College Station. I haven’t heard his name mentioned alongside Vince Anderson’s much though.

Both are mentioned in the text here-various videos one of which shows Merritt putting out some nice multi-throws with a shot.

I just found the link below on flotrack. Text underneath the video says Behm’s been heading AM’s training since 2009.

I am continually amazed how taking 7 steps to the first hurdle is seen as such an revolutionary idea…