Are you seeing what I'm seeing? Myself running three years ago

This is a video that was taken three years ago, when I had just started running. It was shot just as my technique was falling apart and later on I went through more phases than Bowie to try to correct it - however, it only got worse. In the end I just said forget it all, took a long break and then started all over again last October as if I had never trained before.

Watching this video all over again I spot two big mistakes. One is that the angle of my arms are very tight. The other one is that in the process of getting upright I end up being to upright and as a consequence go up and down, but not forward, overstriding in the process.

Anyone else agree with this? Anything else to comment on?

Right-click and save:

(The quality is not very good as the original was analog and to get it to digital I had to point an old digital camera at the tv-set.)

Agree re the arms but couldn’t tell re the body angle. That said I would be interested in views on amending that as it is something I have an issue with. In my case I have been using hills to try and fix it.

In my case I think it’s a question of lifting the head to soon. I’m working on keeping my chin down and just lifting my gaze instead.