Are these advantages to running?

Long arms and legs (as a percentage of height), narrow hips, slender calves, small hip bones, long achille tendons, high muscular attachment points.

Kellyb if you are out there can you explain exactly why are these advantages?

What are high muscular attachment points and how can I know if posses these.

I know I have long arms but how could I know if I have long legs? How to measure them if I want to know? Slender calves why does that help? If you can explain to me would appreciate that or anyone else. Thanks

Can you run fast? This is really what is important to worry about.

Yes true but I just want to knowIf these are advantages? and why are they?

Sprinters come in a wide variety of lengths & sizes. Regardless on your anatomical features, neuromuscular factors are just as important in determining how fast someone’s going to run. Essentially the difference between Type 1 and 11 fibers is the different motor neurons that allow type 11 fibers to develop tension quicker.

Long moment arms with high attachments, are of little use without high level of neuromuscular control.

Thank you for the replay but can you explain why they are advantage and what are high muscle attachment points? What’s the benefit of narrow hips? etc. Thank you for your time