Are members a bunch of masochists?

Why does so many people on these forums talk about how this track or weights workout made them really sore or tired or something similar.
I thought the idea where to train smarter, not harder. (although the one does not always exclude the other.)
I guess it was okay when everyone where in their GPP’s, but it seems to prevail even during SPP’s.
Are we in need of a basic discussion on workload and rest?

Thor as athletes we will all try to push the envelope no matter who you training smarter you will actually train harder and by doing this properly workload and intensity will increase.basically after every heavy days session i will always feel slightly sore as do 95% of top sprinters.the difference is what you do at home which sorts the amatures from the pro’s we all know the tricks of recovery and regeneration and they are there for a purpose so please put them all into practice and you’ll feel and notice the difference!

That is all good and well, but people are talking of sessions which leave them sore for days and doesn’t look like they where planned. Rather you get the feeling they where done for “the fun of it”.
Rest and regeneration need to be planned like all other components. There comes a time when experimentation must cease for the athlete to progress.

usually if i introduce SLDL’s in my weights over certain periods i will always be sore for 4-5days.true trail and error i know that this will happen and my planning must cover those initial 4-5days of soreness.i agree with you thor,planning is a must but palnning both short amd long term is a must for any serious athlete or team


I was talking about T&F to parents of former athetes.

The general consensus was T&F is tough. You train 6 days a week and if you stuff up-your problem, where as in team sport you can hide.

ah yes DMA exactly the point–in T&F you are by yourself and results depend solely on your performance but in team sports you can play exceptionally well but still as a team you play crap.being individual is the key whereas in a team everyone has to be on the same wave-lenght!