Applying CFTS for 40 yard dash?

I have the book CFTS and I am training a hybrid version of the Westside for Skinny Bastards but I believe that there is a problem with my recovery because I can’t recover from a Bench Press day 2 days it is more like 3-4 days for me so I am thinking of adding in a extra day for REP Lower body day.

Monday: ME Upper body day- Jump rope 3-5 sets of most 60 reps as fast as possible

Tuesday: OFF

Wednesday (before ME Lower body day)
Speed Developement:
40 yards x 5-6 Reps

Friday (before REP Upper body day)
~100-120 meters x 3 sets (2 reps)

Speed Developement:
40 yards x 5-6 Reps

Sunday: OFF

This program is only going to be for 2 weeks until March 21st when track starts then my training becomes garbage.