Applicability of IF, TCD & CKD in sports

I have spent nearly whole summer exploring the work of ‘keto-guy’ Lyle McDonald (hehe, keto guy, hehe). A must read.

I wonder does someone on this forum have the experience using IF (Intermittent Fasting), TCD (targeted ketogenic diet - consuming carb pre-post WO) and CKD (cyclical ketogenic diet) with athletes aiming at fat loss WITH performance maintenace and LBM maintenance?
I would love to hear more on IF, if someone is familiar with it?

IF would be a horrible idea for most sprinters IMO–have you ever tried doing gpp workouts on that?

I asked lyle a while back and he said a more typical diet approach, simply going slightly below maintenance with an occasional refeed, would probably be better for sprinters and related performance sports. The only thing I recall him mentioning is maybe going with greater caloric deficits on the easy days and higher on the hard days.

I’m certainly not the expert here - but I did see Jose Antonio give a fascinating presentation on very low carb diet schemes at the NSCA sport-specific convention 2-3 years ago, where he quoted research on middle distance runners and carb depletetion, and his experience training people with those protocols as well. I’m not sure if i can get a hold of any printed material on it, but perhaps there’s a DVD of the presentation out there somewhere…

Hope all is well!

What were the results of that?

It should be noted that most best middle distance and distance runners (east africans) typically eat a very high carbohydrate diet. Not that it is the cause/reason for their success, but something to consider.