Anyone willing for an indoor training camp florida

I know that many of you have plans or work. I was wondering that those of you who are able to would like to set up a training camp in st.petersburg, florida. Hotels are very cheap, there is a good massage therapist in st.petes, and maybe clemson might even let us use his track. Also it gets averages above 70% even in the coldest months. With the beach excessible for recovery. Even if it would only be for a week or two. Would anyone be interested. I was thinking of 1 month or 2 month camp. In nov or dec. ? Mj? Nightmare? Kwesi, Herb ? Flash? Clemson? Dlive you or any off ur guys? Anyone else I missed?

There used to be a track club in florida the lighting bolts running club maybe I can find the link.

Do you think I could win mascot of the year, next year?

Lightning Bolt Track Club, Inc. - … June 14, 2002 the Adidas Outdoor Championships were not ready for the Fierce Foursome from St. Petersburg, FL. … Lightning Bolt Track Club, Inc. …

Clemson what do you think of this club. Did you see the track they trained on? You said there werent many tracks in the tampa/st.pete area what about this one?

St. Petersburg Florda Training Camp

General Info

Hotels 400$-550 per month

Massage theray:
Travis Skaggs

Hydrotherapy:Beach…whirlpool,steamroomsauna offered at hotel

Amusement: Busch Gardens tampa, clubs, ect. girls ect…ect…

Train with legit sprinters Lbolt track club went 40 point in the 4x100m relay

Will I be the only one there?


I dont need to ask anyone cuz I have already heard. My friend went to school at st.leos, and thats all he talks about. Clemson if you wouldnt mind me asking what are your thoughts on the cost of say things like transportation, food, airfare? Also what type of athletes do you think would want to attend. Its seems like a good idea for athletes with money and a 1 month break between semesters.

It would be a good idea, but unfortunately for me, we have a booked schedule with meets being every week. I think the best time would be over X-mas break so you could get some college athletes down, or the coaches that still compete. Lets hook it up for next year!

Im interested

Anyone comming up to Boston this summer can get free coaching…we have a weight room and a very nice track.

id be there, since i stay 15 min away