Anyone up for a chat?

It’s 3:10ET Monday. Anyone up for a chat?

Rupert, this is why we need a seperate chat section, for these type of things. People should say the chat a day ahead though. Is this just me, or does anyone else agree?

Comanch09, Rupert has already taken care of that. Simply go into the Calendar and enter in the time date of the event, and it will show up at the bottom of the main forum page for everyone to see. Or, check your calendar every once and a while. I will put in a fake session for you to see what i mean.

What’s so terrible about doing what I did, invite people on the spur of the moment? There seemed to be a bunch of people online, so why not? Although I agree that it isn’t the most optimal solution. Maybe chats just don’t work unless they are scheduled and that’s that.

Juggler, what you did was fine. :slight_smile:


I know about the calendar thing, but no one looks at the bottom of the board to see it or at the calendar. It would be much better to have a section that people could see.

And to Juggler, I didn’t mean to come off as rude, I was just saying that it probably would be better to schedule a chat session a day in advance or something, so people would know about it. You can do what you did, I just wouldn’t think anyone would show up do to the lack of knowledge of the chat session in advance.

I think its time you started using the calender then, no additional functionality for booking chat’s is coming forward at this time…no time.


i think we should jsut use this thread, and post if anyone want to chat about a recent post, like now, about the sports drinks, if anyone want to chat ill be at the live chat!!!

there are 2 people in the chat room, let try break the record of 3