Anybody tried the ARP Wave?

Just curious. Sounds interesting. It was kinda funny to see Jay Schroeder in a lab coat. Must be borrowing from the Victor Conte method of gaining credibility.

Try to do a search on the forum!

I think Jay Schroeder can gain credibility simply by talking as little as 5 minutes with you, as long as you are worth his input.

It was a joke. I was just laughing to myself about the lab coat. I have seen him train Archuletta and he was wearing sweats. I wasn’t insulting the guy, I was just looking for a quick anwser about ARP.

I wasn’t attacking either, on the contrary. I was giving a quick answer on my impression.
Things get misunderstood unless you load answers with a ton of smileys, it seems!

I found these audios, and it also talks a bit about how the ARP is used in his training, enjoy:

:slight_smile: (there)

Thanks alot for the link. Will try to listen as I can at work. I guess I was looking for someone who could give a personal first hand account and what results they had. My search about ARP just brought up more about the science and research behind it. I am ART certified, B.S. Exercise Science, and massage therapist. I am just trying to find better solutions for my athletes. Thanks

I believe Stefanie got ARP treatment this past summer.

I tried clicking the link but said sorry no match. I tried to search originally so as not to be redundant. I will try to find out more. Thanks

TopCat, that link doesn’t work for me, not sure if it is just me?

I have tried ARP several times, and watched others treated by it, and the results are very fast and impressive. When I use it my inflammations go away in as little as 4 treatments, and the nice thing about it is that it detects the source of one’s problems, rather than the ending point of the pain, so you can track down old injuries and figure out biomechanical issues better.
(In my case, my issues are very biomechanical, so simply getting rid of the inflammation does not solve my long term problems, so there is a lot of strengthening to be done at the right places of my body. I am pretty imbalanced).
And then you can nicely train with it and speed up the whole strengthening process, causing 500 contractions per second.

I don’t want to sound like an advertiser, but you asked… :o , and you can really find a lot of info here: , and some athlete testimonials as well.

Are you healed?

Working on it.

I have some issues myself and am looking for a way to get to the root of the problem. I think my issues might be biomechanical as well. I have tried all the traditional methods and I still am prone to tearing in my hams. I am no longer active athletically, but I still like to run with my football players for my own conditioning. Just sucks when every other time you are waiting for a tweak. I appreciate your answering my questions.