Anybody have Crawford 19.88 Vid?

If anyone has it could they please post it? I missed the trials tonite and I’m mad after hearing what he ran. Also i might miss the semis and sunday (I’m going away) If aynbody who was planning on capturing post it… I would love you.

mo’s old lnk with nbc has race.

Thanks!! O i hope they put all the other 200’s by crawford on there. Damn he looked really good in that race and didn’t look like he killed himself either.

frustratingly enough I haven’t been able to see any of the videos on that site!!!

any error message or fails to load? you may have to slow a connection? try emailing them and ask for minimum specs to view maybe.

nope it keeps telling me something about a missing plugin but i got it and it still won’t load

might have something to do with my browser being firefox and not internet explorer which doesn’t work on my PC for reasons unknown to man

Oh Man,
it was amazing !!!
I guess i never saw a fast race with such a good image quality,
Seems Shawn started to run after 80m…then, when he is getting off of the curve he just smash the oponents.
I got into the the “Zone” just before the straight.