Any tuna ideas?

Any creative ideas on how to eat your tuna? Other than plain from the can?

You can mix it up in a blender with a big glass of orange juice and drink it as a shake which is a recipe I’ve seen from more than a few bodybuilders…but I wouldn’t try it myself :slight_smile:

How about some Tuna patties? Mix tuna with a couple of egg whites and cook like a hamburger.

Mix it with cottage cheese and eat with crackers.

Mix it with mayo and relish and make sandwhiches.

Use it to make deviled eggs.

Make a pasta casserole with it.

Those are about the only ways I ever eat.

Yumm, have to try that.

You can also mix with balsalmic vinegar and carrots and onions or just get “Eat Well” tuna, which taste good on its own since its made with olive oil.

There was a thread on this not that long ago you could probably find by searching.

Tuna and other fish and meat go quite nice with black olives,
with pepper or tomatoes (cooked or uncooked.)

Tuna, Mayo, Kidney Beans and some brown rice.

Back in the days i use to do up some noodles, drain them, throw in the tuna, and a can of cream of chicken or cream of broccoli soup. tastes great. modified version of a tuna noodle bake.

Mix with low-fat creamy cucumber salad dressing and pickles or peppers.

Drink juice with the sandwich.

Use a good bread like pumpernickel.

For Canadians, Price Chopper sells Our Compliments solid white tuna for $1.79 can. If that’s too expensive mix a good can with a couple of the cheaper cans.