any motorcyclists here

Hi all,

My most off-topic post ever!! :smiley:
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as the athlete network is really big, i’d like to know if any entrepeneurs are also active in this forum?

  • my boss is selling motorcycles…and he wants to expand.
    The concept:
    Official importer for new brand of motorcycles/scooters/quads.
    So very good income prospect;
    (very) Little invertements needed, mostely time;
    area: (whole or a part of )eastern europe

So if anyone has a network of dealers. or if you’re a great sales person. You can make some money in your own time and keep on trainig or coaching.

PM if interested

As I used to be an insurance underwriter, I have a dim view of motorcycles.

Just passed another motorcycle accident on the way home this morning.

I went off motorcylces after my first coach was killed on one when I was 11. Since then 7 people i know have died on them including my cousin’s boyfriend who was cut in 2 when he failed to slow down in time to negoicate a roundabout. But they are nice to look and are fun for the short time you are around to appreciate them. :eek:

Thats bad…
But car accidents happen also, problem with motorbikes is you have to be even more carefull.

In Europe, you have narrower streets, slower moving traffic, and quicker thinking drivers, and a scooter will do the job. Over here, it’s another story, with the lady in the Lincoln Continental turning left in front, sealing the rider’s fate. The Bike may survive though, as the the rider is the bike’s airbag, rather than the other way around!

yea you can be the best motorcycle rider in the world, the most careful and still get fuked over. most accidents occur because of the other driver not the motorcyclist. all the people i know who have motorcycles and have had accidents, it was caused by someone else not seeing them or cutting them off.