Any effects on laying off ZMA for a few days?

Are there any effects on not taking ZMA for a few days? I have been taking it for about 3 months now nonstop and I ran out and wont be able to get some in a few days. Will there be any effects to it?

Good question, fellas (ZMA users) any discontinuation effects??

My brother sometimes experience a slight headache when he starts up again after a few days off.
Taking just 2 capsules the first time has solved the problem though.

Hahahaha :smiley:

On a more serious note, don’t you cycle your supplements?

Keep in mind that much of the “dramatic” effect from ZMA was due to depleted levels of these minerals in the athletes that partook in the original study. After 3 months of taking the ZMA it is highly unlikely that you will be depleted and would probably take a considerable time to return to depleted levels.

Nothing will happen.

Depends if the cells are saturated or how fast you oxidize things…you will not go from Beast mode to priest in a few days…two weeks is my call for most full time athletes.

Suffield? I went to the Academy 7 years ago.

yea I live a few minutes form the academy, dont go there though, Public schooler here.
On topic: Thanx I was just wondering b/c of the whole depletion of the minerals and vitamins that zma replenishes will hurt my workouts for the next few days.