Any Canadians living in or near Burnaby?


I’m moving from New Zealand to Canada in January 2005 to study abroad for 12 months at Simon Fraser University (kinesiology). I was hoping some of the locals (if there are any here) could give me some help and advice regarding sports, training facilities and any other general info about this area.

For a start, does anyone know any good affordable gyms in this area with olympic plates?

NumberTwo is in that area. In fact, there are lots of people. I am sure you will get some responses soon. Peter Ogilvie as well, who I think trained in New Zealand back in the day.

The SFU gym has Olympic plates. SVASS is from there too.

on a side note…what ever happened to Peter Ogilvie?? He was definately an inspiration to me…I think it was his 20.6X clocking that had me holding my breath…whever he is I’m sure he inspired alot of young Canadian sprinters and not just me…



Cool, thanks guys.

I must admit, a major incentive for wanting to study in Canada was the possible opportunity to train with some of the coaches here at some point. Number2 and any other coaches/athletes near the area, please let me know if I can get in contact with you guys when I’m there! I’m highly motivated to learn as much as I can during my stay so I could apply it to the rugby athletes back home.

Alot of ppl from new zealand seem to come to SFU for schoo. A friend of mine is rite now I go to SFU

University of Auckland is the biggest university in New Zealand and SFU is one of our exchange partners. The head of department from our Exercise Science department did his postgraduate studies at SFU - I’ve heard a lot of good things about the university.

Initially I was pretty keen to do my studies at USC in the States instead, but they are not exchange partners of U of A and it would’ve cost me a fair bit!

Hey David,

Number 2 is currently running the strength and conditioning program for the varsity athletes at SFU. I’ll be working with him while I work on my Masters across town at UBC. However, I’ll also be TA’ing a Exercise Physiology class at SFU in the Kinesiology department (I completed my undergrad in Kinesiology there).

You’ll have all the weightlifting facilities you need right on campus (3 full sets of platforms and weights, plus some other great training equipment). Drop by and visit when you get set up. Number 2 has dropped a serious amount of training information on me in the last year and a half - and would be a good guy to answer any of your questions.

PM me your contact info and I’ll help you put way way that I can.

Hey thanks svass.
I’m planning to take the Ex. Physiology paper in fall semester.
Great to hear that SFU has great facilities for training. I’m currently also working as a trainer at the NZ Academy of Sport training centre and we’re a little spoiled in terms of having some great facilities - I’ve been to some other gyms around Auckland and most of them are in the commercial gym mold.

Would you happen to know how I could get in contact with the people who run the gym at SFU (or any gyms in the local area)? I was hoping to ask around prior to arriving and hopefully find some part-time work over there.

I’ll PM you my email address, hopefully I will get the chance to meet you guys when I arrive.

Thanks a lot.

I live about 5 minutes outside of Burnaby. I went to both SFU and UBC. There’s a gym right by my house that has bumper plates. Also, apparently there’s a Olympic Lifting club at Douglas College in New Westminster(10 minutes away) that trains regularly.

If you need any more info about anything, just ask. I’ve lived here my whole life.