Any Canadians in the house?

To all Canadians.

Where are you from and what event do you compete in?

From Brampton,Ont., and I compete In the 100m, 200m sprints and sometimes the Long Jump

Canada hmmmm Canada not sure where that is. Isn’t that like the 51st state of America?

from south western ontario and compete in 100, 110 HH, Long Jump and Triple Jump.

North Vancouver, BC - 400mh

Winnipeg, Manitoba and I compete in the sprints.


60 meter and 100 meter eventually :slight_smile:

Originally from Vancouver, went to university in Ontario, now living in London, UK.

Not a sprinter. My first weightlifting competition is coming up at the end of June.

Originally from Calgary, now living in Austria, therefore working more with skiers and other athletes than sprinters (coaching and sport sci stuff). Ran high hurdles too long ago to say.

born in thunder bay and now living in calgary.

Born & Raised in Kelowna, BC.

Mississauga, ON

Plan to run 100, 200 again.

born in toronto, moved to mississauga, lived in jamaica for a bit, moved back to canada, into oakville, then ancaster, hamilton, now in burlington!

Calgary, AB

100, 200, relay, might go back to hurdles