Anticipating release

Just checking on the status of books that were being written. Charlie and Clemson come to mind right away. Any news? Others out there working on books or articles let us know!

Chris Thibadaeu wrote on his forum 4 days ago:
"The book will be a go very soon. Tony Schwartz who is editing the book for me emailed me saying that he’s done.

So next week I’ll be able to send it to my tech guy and have it formated to suite a commercial printer and then it will be a go! So expect it in 3-4 weeks."

I’m excited!

Has anyone got a copy of Ian King´s Get Buffed 2? I have read Get Buffed, and it is packed with good stuff. Would like to get an opinion on the follow up.

Get Buffed 2 - quality.

The more you read and see (seminar’s, video’s etc) of Ian’s work, the more you understand his ideas and philosophies and can see how they are all related to each other and how he puts it all together.

Cannot say enough good things about Ian.

But, I am not 100% convinced with his views on volume.

From the title of this thread, I was expecting something a little different…haha :smiley:

btw look forward to reading your work Clemson. I’m sure it will be a seminal piece!