Anterior Tibialis Injury Help

One of our athletes suffered a sudden sharp pain on his lower left shin while cooling down after a hard workout.

It seems pretty clear that it’s a strain to the anterior tibialis and/or the attached tendon.

Does anyone have experience rehabbing this kind of injury?

I also have a tibialis problem. I did a google search for some stretches and only really found one and a variation of it.

You can do massage, stretching, trigger point work, compression, ice, aspirin and rest.

check here:

watch the stretching part just after the injury, wait like 2-3 days, then stretch. Same with massage on the Sore part, massage the other areas, perhaps there is a knott further away from the affected area that caused the problem??
RICE the area for the 1st 2-3 days, then followed by the massage on the spot, stretching and heat.

Thanks all for your comments.

This was an overuse injury. The athlete is a sprinter moving further out and training for cross country for the first time. He competed in track through most of July, took a month off, and then began training again in late August. He has shown real promise so far and ended up as we now know, doing too much too soon.

We handled it with rest, reduced training (nothing fast, reduced distances, no hills) and ice, along with heat before training and taping the spot. He was paint free by day 10 after the injury, and began doing targeted exercises and massage then - a bit late by what you all are suggesting.