anterior pelvic tilt, SI joint, etc.

I will try to summarize my situation as best possible. Awhile ago, I was seeing a chiropractor quite frequent for a ‘locked SI joint’ because the adjustments were not holding for more than 24-48 hours. Eventually, I was referred to a spine center physical therapist and where an anterior pelvic tilt was diagnosed. From there we worked out stretching hip flexor, strengthening glutes and transverse abdominus, etc.

Something to take note of was my severely limited right side internal hip rotator range of motion. To this day (I am not in the same city as I was doing PT in and have not started PT here yet) my right side psoas, rectus femoris, IT band are much tighter than my left and a cause of major discomfort and my ROM for internal hip rotation is still very limited. I stretch these muscles and foam roll them multiple times daily, but am not finding very much relief. Does anyone have any suggestions, because I still have the ‘locked SI joint’ feeling some times and with always having limited internal hip rotation + super tight right side hip muscles.


If self work in the affected areas isn’t helping, you may want to look elsewhere. I might check quadratus lumborum, tensor fascia latae, lat, and psoas. QL and lat might be the first place to look IMO. How is your range of motion on side bends (left compared to right)? Has your limited internal rotation always been a problem or is this a fairly recent issue?

It seems as if my side bend range of motion is the same on both sides. The limited rotation was just brought to my attention, but I have the feeling it has been a problem for an extended period of time

Gs, here’s what I found useful in my case (probably locked SI joint causing hamstring strains). Go to this website and do the corrective exercises displayed there for about 4 or 5 weeks twice a day (more is not worse ).
self traction supine etc…
I think they may help with your SI joint problems and your anterior pelvic tilt. (proper posture/gait throughout the day is also important)

I am having all these problems myself this season also turning my season into a nightmare.
…good thread and ideas.

very good post

I agree. My SI area has been bothering me for a long time and I am/was too stupid and hardheaded to figure out what it was. Many of those “self” exercises helped immediately.