Anna-Nicole Smith brownbread

With a mouth like that, she could eat a pizza whole. Keep her away…


what about that avatar of your’s! don’t you go picking on poor old Playboy covergirls. I thought she was great. a bit of a nightmare but seemed a lot of fun. I think the death of her son recently must have tipped her way over the edge - and she was hanging out there already

She’s very run of the mill.


sheesh, what mill are you treading on? I’ll be right over :slight_smile:

Rupert you probably don’t even get any girls.

Do you smell that…? That’s Anna Nicole Smith-She’s the shit.

I think she was someone with a brutal life growing up. Just look at the kind of people coming forward now, every one her “best friend”. She had a grade 8 education and few prospects. She found an old rich guy who wanted her and she went for it. He made the deal so what do we care?
As for the old guy’s family, if he’d wanted them to get his money he’d have given it to them when he was alive in the first place. She’s considered the parasite but there’s plenty of that to go around in this story.
I bet her "best friends’ with the weight loss company are shitting about now, hoping the autopsy doesn’t show any ephedrine.

Are you 15 years old?