angela williams is a back and looking good

what do you guys think of her chances of getting a medal at the olympics this a video of her at usa nationals this is her at the world indoor championship

Medal at the Olympics??? Lets first talk about her chances of making the team!!!

I think she will make the team she ran a personal best 7.06 in the 60 meters she is due to go sub 11 this year and if she does that she should make the team

She hasn’t done anything since indoors. Well, correction, she has run a bunch of 100s that are much slower than her 60m would indicate. I am not sure if she even has a top 8 time in the US?

I am not hoping for her to do poorly as I think it would be a good thing if she could re-capure her outdoor form from years ago. Still, you are talking about excellent performances indoors-that was, obviously, months ago.

Why is she due to go sub 11?

Lol her knee lift is Gatlin-like

looks very strong

her best times in the 60m came this year and she is in the best shape of her life and she has not ran the 100 yet the times you probably saw are old times.

She has ran the 100m a number of times. She isn’t top 8 in the US. She might make the final, maybe. Then again, she does “look like a new person” this year. :rolleyes:

I think her chances are non exsistant.
Even if she makes it out of the US trials, which I doubt. She may not make the oly final.
I live in florida and she lives in daytona. I have seen at one meet this year outdoor. That was the UCF meet were she got ate up by v campbell and alexis joyce.
1 Campbell-Brown, Veronica Pure Athleti 11.02$ 0.9 1
2 Joyce, Alexis Unattached 11.21$ 0.9 1
3 Williams, Angela Nike 11.25$ 0.9 1

Havent seen her since that meet.

You guys will find out very soon.

Angela has some work to do…Don’t get me wrong she’s an awesome person and I hope she can pull it off.

World: W 10.49 7/16/1988 Florence Griffith-Joyner, USA
American: A 10.49 7/16/1988 Florence Griffith Joyner, World Cl
OT: T 10.49 7/16/1988 Florence Griffith-Joyner, WCAC
Hayward: S 10.94 2008 Torri Edwards, USA
Name Year Team Qtrs Wind

1 Marshevet Hooker adidas 10.76Q 3.4
2 Torri Edwards Nike 10.85Q 2.3
3 Carmelita Jeter South Bay/Nike 10.97Q 0.7
4 Lauryn Williams Nike 10.86Q 3.4
5 Muna Lee Nike 10.89Q 2.3
6 Allyson Felix adidas 10.98Q 0.7 10.978
7 Mechelle Lewis Nike 10.95Q 3.4
8 Gloria Asumnu adidas 11.02Q 2.3
9 Angela Williams Nike 11.06Q 0.7
10 Alexandria Anderson unattached 10.98Q 3.4 10.979
11 LaShaunte’a Moore adidas 11.04Q 2.3
12 Bianca Knight adidas 11.07Q 0.7
13 Alexis Weatherspoon unattached 11.08q 0.7
14 Me’Lisa Barber adidas 11.10q 2.3
15 Shalonda Solomon Reebok 11.16q 0.7 11.153
16 Alexis Joyce unattached 11.16q 3.4 11.157
17 LaDedra Guy unattached 11.17 2.3
18 Wyllesheia Myrick unattached 11.19 2.3 11.182
19 Hasani Roseby Nike 11.19 3.4 11.185
20 Chryste Gaines unattached 11.24 0.7
21 Stephanie Durst unattached 11.26 2.3
22 Lynne Layne Tennessee 11.27 3.4
23 Mikele Barber Nike 11.29 0.7 11.284
24 Victoria Jordan Dallas Gold TC 11.29 3.4

11.21 to 11.25 doesn’t suggest that she was “eaten up” by Alexis Joyce. She lost by a margin of 0.23 to Campbell not small. She can improve by 0.10-0.15 in the interim who knows what that will mean at the trials? We will just have to wait and see.

Thats some serious depth in female sprinters.

10.92Q angela

So she didn’t make the team in the 100m and she has a small chance of making it in relay pool depending on what people do in the 200.