Andrea's Training Journal!

Considering the amount of time I spend on this website everyday, I figured it might be more effective for me to start posting my training journal online. We’ll see if this works out.

Just to update everyone…I just finished my first season of college basketball for the University of British Columbia Okanagan Campus (UBCO) Women’s B-ball team. I play either the 1 or 2 position (point guard and/or wing, for the basketball illiterate). I’ll be 19 in about a month (and although I have had several people tell me that I’m not too old to really start focusing on my game I can always use some more encouragement :o so if anyone has any inspiring stories of late blooming athletes I would love to hear them!)
I just started speed and strength conditioning with Herb about a month ago and am loving it so far…I just wish I could have been introduced to all of this a few years ago! So enough about my life…on with the training…and feel free to comment on anything that I’m doing…right or wrong…I’m always open to suggestions!

Tempo day today:
Went to the pool this morning at 7
-warmed up and stretched in the hot tub for about 5 minutes
-8 X 20m water running (flotation belt around waist)
-6 X 50m swimming (slow lane)
-6 X 20m water running
-another 10 minutes of stretching in the hot tub then quick shower (they only have hot water showers at the pool) so I headed home for a contrast shower

 -Speedy core session with Smarrs at around noon
 -45 minute massage from the massage school (I've been diagnosed with acute compartment syndrome so the massage consisted mostly of increasing circulation in the legs, loosening the IT Band etc.)

 -Another ab session later at night
 -About 20 minutes of dribbling drills (in and outs, push pulls, and squaring up...for anyone that cares...)
 -Practiced a bit of form on my power cleans with a broom stick  :p 

So that’s about it for the day…big Calculus final tommorrow morning so I’m gone to bed!

you might be lucky to drag kk into this thread he’s a basketball man… have worked a bit with basketball but not as much as other sports so if i can help in anyway will do my best.

Started out with weights at about 3:00pm
-5 minute warmup on bike
-warm up with bar and stretching
-Power Cleans - off the blocks in sets of 5, progressively adding weight. Started with just the bar (women’s bar - I believe is 15kg?) ended off with about 35kg
-Squats - also in sets of 5, started at 25kg and progressively added weight to finish with 45kg

Speed training at 5:00pm
-2 laps in bare feet to warm up
-static stretching
-Mach drills and ankeling
-leg swings
-3 X 60m tempos
-3 X 60m accelerations
-2 X 3 X 60m acceleration (accelerating to top speed for 30m and holding for the last 30m) - with 3 minutes rest between reps and 8 minutes rest between sets
-Core workout - about 10 exercises for 30 seconds each
-Cool down - 6 minutes on Elliptical Trainer then stretching

So Tempo day today…

Core Strengthening
[li]About 15-20 different exercises for about 30 seconds each
Tempo work out[ul]
[li]Warmed up in hot tub for 5 minutes and did some stretching
[/li][li]Water running - 2 X 8 X 20m
[/li][li]Swimming - 8 X 35m
[/li][li]Steam room for 10 minutes after the workout with as much stretching as possible…What is the best choice for post swimming cool-down/warm-up…Steam room, sauna, or hot tub??

[li]Ate some food (donaires) right after swimming then home for a contrast shower.
[/li][li]First massage today in my new time slot so had to go through all the testing again but did get into some hands on stuff at the end - mostly worked the posterior compartments, left Achilles tendon and quads (sore from lifting yesterday)

Basketball stuff
[li]Not as much time as I would have hoped today (just put our house up for sale so it’s a bit chaotic) but did manage to do some dribbling drills before work, only about 10 minutes worth but better than nothing - in and outs and push pulls

That’s all for now!

Thursday April 13th

Had a pretty good sleep last night, although I was up a bit too late studying. Ate REALLY well today! Lots of fruit and veggies, whole grains, proteins etc. no junk and lots of water…I impressed myself
Contrast shower in the morning

So training sesh…
If anyone has been reading Smarrs’ journal…this may look oddly familiar…

• Warm-up
o Light Jog Two Laps
o Static stretching (10 minutes)
o Tempo - 4x70m
o more stretching! (it was a little chilly)
o Accelerations - 4x60m, 2 min rest between
o Accel 20m, hold 20m, accel 20m. 6x60m 5min rest between each
o Medicine ball toss
- 4 balls lined up, O 0 0 o (bigger to smaller), working on proper form, explode up and throw the ball over your head (backwards)
- 2x3x4 balls
>4 balls again, this time jump and toss em forward from the chest - 1x3x4 balls
>1 ball, at chest, hop forward once and just after landing toss that ball! 1x5x1 ball

• Core (Approx 10 minutes)
o 5 exercises, 2 sets for 30 sec each
-30 sec rest interval,

• No weights today… :mad: Feel free to nag Herb for being lazy!

• Warm-down (Approx 10 minutes)
o 5 minutes on Elliptical Trainer
o Forgot to stretch…oops
o Contrast shower right after though

• Basketball stuff
o Two dribbling sessions today. Short one in the afternoon and a good long one after training
o Did some more abs after dribbling sesh, 5 exercises for 30 sec each
o COLD BATH for my legs for about 10 minutes (Note to Herb…I lied about not being sore :stuck_out_tongue: )

The explosive med ball work we did replaced weights.

What were you sore from??? Perhaps the weights from Tuesday? :confused:

Anyways, you had a really good practice and ran faster than you have ever run before. Keep up the good work. :slight_smile:

Alright…I guess I can live with it since you did the med ball stuff with us…but no more skipping out on weights okay…I only have like a month and a half left, I need to learn all the technique I possibly can so I’ll be able to carry on in Europe!

Ya I think it was the weights that did it…probably the squats…but I feel great today after the cold bath. I’m going to do the short circuit tempo run today and see how that goes!

Thanks…expect faster next practice though! :slight_smile:

So the original plan today was…
Split shift at work…so tempo run in between shifts, contrast shower and go back to work…thinking it would be okay not to shower before work since I’d only be there for like 2 hours…apparently though…busiest day of the year (work at Boston Pizza by the way)…so had to work straight through until 9:00pm…sooooo…no shower for me today…annnnd being the hardcores we are…we still went running after that !

Jogged 2 laps to warm up and then stretched…had to cut stretching short cause of the cold weather though
1+1+1 ^
1+2+1+1 ^
1+2+2+1 ^
1+1+2+1 ^

1 = 100m tempo run
2 = 200m tempo run

  • = 50m walk
    ^ = 100m walk

TOTAL = 2200m


[li]6 exercises with anywhere from 30-45 reps (too dark to see any sort of watch!)

Quads were pretty sore afterwards but I stretched and I should be good after swimming tommorrow and then taking a day off on Sunday!
I didn’t get a contrast shower in today…or any sort of shower for that matter :stuck_out_tongue: but I iced my quads during my break for about 15 minutes.

Hmmm…what else…ate pretty well today…although not as much as I would have liked since I wasn’t planning on working the whole day so I didn’t have a great breakfast! Drank a decent amount of water (only about 2.5 litres)…also could have been more though…but work is horrible for that…and got a really good sleep last night !

Started the day with some good core…about 500 reps in all…I’ve been adding more reps to each exercise and it went pretty well today. Normally we go for 30 sec all out for each exercise but when I’m alone it’s hard to time since I don’t have a stop watch. So I picked it up from about 30 reps for each one to about 50…some I couldn’t make it all the way to 50 yet though ! :o

[li]5 minutes in steam room with stretching (wasn’t all that hot since it was just turned on…but the hot tub is out of order for the next few days so I had no choice)
[/li][li]10 X 20m water running
[/li][li]10 X 35m swimming
[/li][li]10 X 20m water running
[/li][li]10 minutes in steam room with some stretching

For some reason my left ankle was bothering me during the running, I was concentrating on keeping my toes pulled up and my foot was cramping at the front of my ankle…this is unusual cause it’s usually only my right ankle that bothers me anymore. It was fine during swimming though and after I got out.

[li]Really good, long contrast shower

Haven’t done any dribbling yet today so I have a feeling it won’t happen since I work until like 2:00am…but if it does it will probably be a quick session!

I’m totally on a role for healthy eating over the last few days…not quite positive where all this will power has come from but I like it ! :slight_smile:

Happy Easter!

Not much to report today…Sunday is always the rest day…

I did learn a valuable lesson today though…never take caffiene pills before a closing shift, until you find out who your closing supervisor is. Because you may just end up getting off work like 3 and a half hours early…and then be up all night for no reason at all.

That’s my wisdom for the day…

Monday, April 17, 2006

Well for a Monday, today acctually turned out to be quite productive. Started the morning off with some tempo with the boys…

Did the “100s circuit”
10 X (1~)
1 = 100m tempo run
~ = 10 pushups or 30 situps
(all in bare feet)

Not quite sure if we did it right or not…didn’t seem like there was much recovery time in between tempos since we would be diving into pushups or situps right away. By the end of the 10th run we were all completely wiped. So, Herb were we doing it right? Or should we be taking breaks in between sets? :confused:

Started with 2 laps of light jogging and then some static stretching.
Alternated at each side so we were always doing pushups at one end of the field and then doing different ab exercises at the other end.
We were so pooped by the last couple of runs it was so difficult to focus on form. :o
We were all so tired afterwards we couldn’t even jog right away to cool down so we had to walk a lap before we could even jog one! haha…is that really lame or is that the results we should be getting?
Anyways…ended the workout with some more static stretching then headed home.

Apparently today I was super motivated though so I did a whole bunch more core when I got home. Total of about 600 reps for the day! And for the first time even managed to get 50 reps of the hard exercises (ie. V’s and “Herbs and Spices” :stuck_out_tongue: )

Spent a fair bit of time on my dribbling. Forced myself to do a quick 10 minute session right after the workout when I was still tired and then did a good long session later in the day. I’m already starting to notice a difference, however I’m practicing in my bunker so I’ll have to wait until I get a bit more room to really be able to judge.
Also spent a few minutes working on my Power Clean form in front of the mirror ! :slight_smile:
Had a really good contrast shower. Ate really well. Didn’t drink quite enough water though!

Got lots of studying done today and also worked for a couple of hours…just enough so that I’m officially NO LONGER IN DEBT!!! :smiley:

Time for a good night’s sleep!


:o Thank you Herb :o

Tuesday April 18, 2006

[li]2 laps light jogging (bare feet)
[/li][li]Mach drills (ankeling, A skips etc.)
[/li][li]Static stretching
[/li][li]5 X 60m tempos
[/li][li]Dynamic stretching (leg swings etc.)
[/li][li]More static stretching

Changed it up a bit today, did sets of 3 with only 1 and a half minutes recovery in between reps. Then 10 minutes and 12 minutes in between sets.
I believe we did 3 X 3 X 60m

Things to work on…
[li]Stop springing up at the start
[/li][li]Stop reaching with my legs
[/li][li]FASTER START!!
[/li][li]stop dressing like a basketball player…?? apparently our long shorts slow us down! haha

Med Ball Throws
7kg 3kg 2kg
[li]2 X 4 - Backwards EXPLODE up from squatting position and throw over head
[/li][li]2 X 4 - EXPLODE up from squatting position, BREATH OUT and force ball as far as possible (chest pass type style)
[/li][li]Definitly noticed some improvement since last time, need to focus on FORCING AIR OUT on the forwards passes!

[li]8 X normal jumps onto bench
[/li][li]8 X quick hop then jump onto bench

[li]No med balls today
[/li][li]2 X 5 exercises X 30seconds
[/li][li]Only 20 seconds recovery in between
[/li][li]Much harder than normal
[/li][li]Provided some good scenic snap shots :slight_smile:

Cool Down
[li]2 laps in bare feet - team running drill, first person falls back to end of line after half a lap
[/li][li]Static stretching

GOOD NIGHT’S SLEEP (I’m pooped, I think the sun wiped me out!)

I will have to get you to write down the workout as we do it from now on. :slight_smile: Yours is different than mine. Here is another pic of the plyos we did. Look at that spring!

We could start up a synchronized swim team…almost.

C’mon Herb, you should be used to the lies by now! :stuck_out_tongue: I changed the 30sec in between accels to a minute and a half, I dunno what else I have wrong. Maybe I’ll just start copying Shane more, he usually seems to know whats going on!

I’m not sure if I like the idea of this camera at practice…there could be way to many blackmail opportunities arising from that. :o


Wednesday April 19, 2006

So I was retartedly lazy today. Dragged myself out of bed at 6:30 to go swimming and it was a gong show! Warmed up in the hot tub and could barely force myself to stretch. Did 8 laps of water running, then had to get back in the hot tub cause I was freezing cold ! :confused: Did about 6 laps of swimming (was so tired I nearly drowned on 2 of them). By the time we got back to water running we had to rush cause the pool was almost closed…so we did about 6 more laps, hit the sauna and headed home.

I think I did a whopping total of like 15 pushups and 40 situps or something ridiculus like that. And could not muster the energy to do a single bit more. Even after a 2 hour nap!

Had a really good massage. She worked mostly on my calves, and achelies tendon and a little on my hamstrings. She also thinks that my tight hamstrings may be causing the problems I have with Patella Femoral Syndrom. Although that hasn’t been bothering me too much since I’ve been stretching all the time.

Anyways…Drank a lot of water today…worked for like 6 hours and now I’m going to bed cause I have to get up for an exam in 7 hours!

Good night !

Thursday April 20, 2006

Had my last English exam EVER this morning, went really well and put me in a great mood for the rest of the day! :slight_smile: That went from 9-12.
Then headed to Guy’s for weight training at 1.
Warmed up with a few minutes on the bike, stretched out for a while.

Did everything starting with just the bar (women’s bar - 15kg) in sets of 5 progressively adding weight
About 8 sets or so to work up to a PB of 40kg
5 sets, working up to 50kg (I think? Really need to start writing this down!)
5 sets, finished with a PB of 45kg (I’ll say 100lbs though, cause it sounds cooler! :cool: )

BTW - Congratulations to Herb on your PB of 110kg ! :smiley:

Ate some food after weights (chicken, veggies and nuts). Then had speed training at 3:30. Worked on PURE SPEED today.

Started with the usual warmup. 2 laps in bare feet, stretching, 5 X 60m tempos, mach drills, dynamic stretching (leg swings etc.) more static stretching.

Did 4 or 5 X 60m accels with 3 minutes in between and lots of stretching.

5 X 30m sprints
Don’t want to give my exact times mostly because I don’t want to know what everyone else’s times are in my group! So lets say my first time was “0.00”
then my 2nd would be - “+0.04” (really bad start)
3rd - “+0.05”
4th - “-0.09” (broke through some kind of wall here)
5th - “-0.10”
I believe we were taking like 10 minutes rest in between, could have been 8, or 15…not really sure!
4 x 60m - First 20m coasting, full speed next 20m, last 20m coasting
2 X 60m - All out first 40m, hold last 20m

2 X 2 X 4 balls - backwards over the head explode and toss
2 X 2 X 4 balls - squat down, explode up and chest pass

Felt a HUGE improvment in these today, much more explosive, not only me but the rest of the group as well. Good job guys! Could have been cause we were all encouraged by Herb’s OUTSTANDING demonstration as he participated today, pretty much doubling the distance we’re able to throw them! :o Very impressive!!

Soooo…by the time we finished with the med balls…it’s 7:00pm (we started at 3:30pm). Did kind of a speed session with the abs, I think about 8 - 10 different exercises for 30 seconds each with 30 seconds rest in between. We were all pretty eager to get home by this time!
AWESOME training day today though !!
Can’t wait for next Tuesday !!!

Anyways, absolutely exhausted now, long hard day! Good night!

nice job on the pb Andrea! I still use my 20lb bar:D

and btw, the Calculus is all i need! and you should brush up on it, as we did not come near 10 core exercises!!

cya at bio tomorrow. we should sit next to eachother, and you should drop your test a lot…in my direction wink wink hint hint :rolleyes: GooD LUcK

Friday April 21, 2006

Well I was pretty sore when I woke up this morning (shoulders, quads and hamstrings mostly) but forced myself to get outta bed for the 6:30 swim! Hit the hot tub and did a really good stretch for about 5-10 minutes.
Found out that apparently I’ve been lieing all this time about how far we’ve been swimming ! lol…I asked the lifeguard and she said the pool is 25m in all, so we’ve been water running 12.5m and swimming the whole 25m. Anyways, I lie alot! :stuck_out_tongue:
Soo…2 X 10 X 13m water running, 2 X 10 X 25m Swimming (alternating)
Back to the hot tub for another 10-15 minutes and home.
Was feeling much better after the swim, hardly any soreness left.
Abs - 2 X 6 exercises X 30 seconds each
with exactly 30 seconds in between (no slacking!)
Hardcore stretch session for about 15 minutes! Contrast shower about 20 minutes later.

Pooped now, forced myself to stay awake all day and study (and work) NO NAPS…(however I did have to indulge in my first glass of pop in months just for that extra bit of kick)…now it’s time to head to bed so I can kick Shane’s butt in my Biology final though!!

Saturday April 22, 2006

Last final exam today, killed it, and feel great. 1 year down, 3 more to go! :slight_smile:

Mommy gave me a nice shoulder massage before bed last night so I was only slightly sore today, more stiff than anything though. Mostly in my shoulders, probably from the bar doing squats, and also a bit in the hamstrings.
Went to Guy’s for weights after the exam. Had a really good session!
5 minute warm up on bike then stretching with and without the bar.

POWER CLEANS - off the blocks
5 X 15kg
5 X 25Kg
5 X 30kg
2 X 5 X 35kg
3 X 5 X 37.5kg (new PB!)

CLEAN SHRUGS - off the blocks (first time doing these)
5 X 35kg
5 X 40kg
5 X 45kg
3 X 5 X 50kg

POWER JERKS (first time) - (these killed my wrists)
2 X 6 X 15kg

MILITARY PRESS (first time)
3 X 5 X 15kg

5 X 15kg
5 X 25kg
5 X 35kg
5 X 42.5kg
2 X 5 X 47.5kg (new PB!)

Did a few more minutes on the bike and stretched for a little afterwards, then home.
Was COMPLETELY unmotivated to do abs, but knowing that I had to work the rest of the day I forced myself to make it through 100 or so. Then hit the good old contrast shower (second one of the day) and off to work!
Now since I got off early, I’m just going to sit at home, relax and go to bed early and enjoy NOT having to worry about school at all!