Andre Wiggins vertical

Working hard… His mother did athletics…

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Played only one year, only if these guys stayed in school for 3-4 years.

FYI - Zach had a 46-inch vertical leap. He had a three/four-step into his jump, so it’ wasn’t a traditional vertical jump.

I guess not too many people knew or know that Marita ( Payne Wiggins) was one of Charlie’s athletes. I remember when I first met Charlie and she was one of the nicest people I had met in the group. She was very quiet but kind to me. When I worked out with her or more accurately along side her as I was a new person to the group she easily accepted me which I really appreciated at that time.
It’s exciting to see her son doing well.

Did you do any work with their kids?

The last time I would have seen or heard from Marita would have been in 1988 and maybe once after that. She has many kids and I have not met any of them.