Andre Smith

It’s a sad story because this guy will lose millions from this bad workout. Maybe he should cut his agent for hiring a bodybuilder as his coach “Tyrone Ropman Felder” former trainer of Lee Haney, Hugh Douglas, and Dorsey Levens.

[b]Andre Smith, one of the top offensive tackle prospects in this year’s draft, said he was relying on Alabama’s pro day to make up for the disappearing act he put on at the combine. Well, the first returns aren’t overly impressive.

Smith’s best 40-yard dash time was 5.28 seconds, and he put up just 19 bench-press lifts at 225 pounds. His 40 time would not have been among the top 10 performers at his position in the combine, and his bench-press reps would have put him well behind the top 10.

The rest of Smith and his Alabama teammates’ numbers from pro day will be in shortly on[/b]

Wow! What’s that all about??

His technique of the 40yd, BJ, VJ, and 3 cone looked terrible. No explosion at all. He even moved his grip closer in mid air while doing the bench press!

We haven’t lived in the Kiper era of endless NFL draft information for very long, but in that time, I can’t recall anyone’s draft stock falling quite like Andre Smith’s. Picture Wilford Brimley’s frail and helpless body tumbling end-over-end off a cliff, picking up speed as it goes (Note: Do not picture this if you are Wilford Brimley, or someone who knows him). That’s about what we’re looking at here.

He (Smith, not Brimley) was once considered a possible number one overall pick, and now, he might not even be a second-day pick. If Andre Smith was the stock market, he’d be … well, he’d be a lot like the stock market is right now.

It all started at the combine, when Smith basically did everything the exact opposite of how it should have been done, and then left in the middle of it without telling anyone where he was going. But it was thought that Smith would have a chance to redeem himself, at least partially, at his Pro Day earlier this afternoon.

So how’d that go for him? Here’s a snippet from

The situation has gone from bad to worse for Andre Smith. His bench press results were a pitiful 19-reps. His position work was also very mediocre. One scout has told us is it the “worst workout he ever saw” and a number of scouts are cranky that they made the long trip to Alabama to watch the pitiful workout. A second scout has told us “Smith lost millions of dollars”.

And from

To put Smith’s workout in perspective, he did not post a single number that would have placed him in the top performers at his position at the combine and many of his numbers were not even close to the top 10 at his position at the combine.

And PFT quotes a league source as saying that Smith “bombed.”

The way things are going, teams will be drafting equipment managers before they draft Andre Smith. Most decent stadium hot dog vendors are more highly sought-after. Dan Leone will be drafted before Andre Smith.

It hurts to even think about this guy. Put yourself in his shoes. A month ago, he was on track to become a household name, had won just about every major award for which he was eligible, and was set to become one of the wealthiest people on the planet … and now he’s a guy without a college degree (he left Alabama after his junior season) who might not even have a future in the game.

I feel like giving him a hug, but I’m afraid I’d knock him down and scouts would send him even farther down scouts’ lists.

Come on, Andre. Get it together, baby. Nothing’s over, nothing’s decided. You can still be the stud you were intended to be.

does anyone know what’s going on here? What do we know about his training and how long has there been a change from what he did before?

They said his work ethic was never how it should have been, even throughout college. He took his shirt off when he weighed in and he looked terrible. He didn’t have too and he shouldn’t have. He told the reporters at the combine he hadn’t even started working out yet, thats’s why his dedication was knocked.

But I’m assuming that was an article tamfb posted, but I doubt he will get into the second day let along the second half of the first round. He’s still a first rounder for sure. You can’t knock what he does on film. They’ll probably have a private workout for him in about a month to make sure he didn’t just quit lifting after his pro day.

What’s anyone think of the workout stuff shown on the film? Looks like very high rep continuous stuff. How does that work for a line guy? Not very well, I’d say!!
When your game is speed and power, why are you doing lactate work at every station?

looks like a vignette from the weight loss contest TV show “The Biggest Loser”

From the looks of that workout footage, no wonder he performed so poorly at his pro day…

That training looked awful, from what they had shown at least.

Nothing like training with a buff female when you’re the projected #1 pick

What’s with those leg exchange deals where his foot goes up- but his body doesn’t go anywhere??

LOL I thought the exact same thing…:confused: