Andre De Grasse and Chijindu Ujah With ALTIS


This training reminds me of a college football weight room - little to casual for me to say they are training world class athletes.


I like this a little more…

is it me or does De Grasse’s form during drills look terrible. at that level of sprinting I expect more tbh

Maybe he was tired that day. lol

Wrong thread


“More wickets” is the new “more cowbell” for me.

Don’t hate on the wickets.

I fully support my competitors using them.

I have no comment. Vince Anderson is a great guy I met him back in 2005-2006 was nice enough to share workouts etc. If I remember correctly he used them with his athletes.

Something is not right there. Talent and desire is not the issue either.

TBH I don’t see deGrasse going any further with this group in terms of his progress. he seemed to be doing great before this move and now hes just another guy in the line-up. sad but he needs to re-evaluate and really think about what is best for him become great which will not happen from what I can see.

I’ll admit that I don’t know everything done at ALTIS, so I can only respond to what I’ve seen on Instagram, YouTube, and the like. The biggest issue to me is that a lot of focus is given to mechanics at speeds below 95%. If you’re going at 85%, your thigh shouldn’t be coming to parallel. You aren’t going fast enough! All of this focus on lifting and cycling of the legs at sub-maximal speeds (<95%) is not the way to go about things. I’d argue it’s detrimental. A guy on my club went down that route after a season full of PRs and has never been the same since. His legs are churning, but he goes nowhere.

From Key Concepts Elite:

It looks sexy to have “multiple energy system programming” or “Reactive power dynamics”, but effective training is raw and intense.

I love that last line of “effective training is raw and intense.” I remind myself of this part whenever I consider getting “cute” with training. There’s no doubt that the guys at ALTIS are smart, but the difference between them and Charlie is that he was brilliant. And with his brilliance came elegance. Sure, the body is complex. And motor learning is extremely complicated when you dig deep into it. Charlie was able to create simple solutions for the complexity at hand. He derived the E = MC^2 for sprinting. If someone wants the guide on how to get faster, they just need to dig into the materials provided here: Key Concepts Elite, CFTS, etc. It’s never led me down the wrong path. In fact, I’ve only gotten in trouble when I’ve strayed from CF’s principles.

I’m not coordinated/athletic enough for the wickets!!! Another reason why you will never see me doing any fancy aka Frans Bosch sprint drills.

When they immediatly tried to change his form “his signature arm swing” I knew that wasnt a good sign.

It’s just one season and the season isn’t over yet. What happens if he drops 9.7 in August!!!

Then we could say he got back to his college time.

I believe Stu McMillan has talked about not changing the arm swing.

Trust the process - he will be alright. Progress won’t always happen in a linear fashion…

THere are a few races where you see him not doing his arm swing, then some races later he goes back to the arm swing. I think it was a year or two ago

The phrase “Trust the Process” can only be used for about half a year in my opinion (during the offseason). Once meets start, the effectiveness of the process will be realized. It’s funny you used that phrase since the guy I mentioned a few posts who has slowed down ever since doing all of that form work always writes “Trust the Process.”

I trust results.

“The operation was successful, but the patient died.”