Analyze this

Here is something i managed to put together today, from about 18mnths ago.

You had no explosion out of the blocks, Check nanny69 for some explosive starts.
You also need to work on your dorsiflexion.

Is that from the same time (18 months ago) ? Weren’t you injured around that time?
Anything more recent and closer?

Looked pretty good to me although I wondered if you were trying to force the stride length a tad :confused:

I stopped running approx 15mths ago, not due to injury, just had some heart problems that appeared to be nothing.
Yes, i agree particually the last couple of strides looked stretched.
Those thinking about it, were closer to 20mnths ago.
Looking at Charlies dvd’s, i can see where i can get some better video footage, have the camera closer and only focus on 10m sections at a time.
I need to work of block position.
Am just starting GPP now, so nothing recent will be available for a bit. I will try to dig something up a bit clearer and perhaps more recent? I dont think i have much more recent, i have heaps of earlier stuff, there is a massive improvment from that earlier stuff. Much straighter lines now.
Have learned a lot from charlie with the DVD;s, have been following his book for yrs now, and most things we have been doing correctly. There are a few tech things that i think will really help in proper sprint position. ANd with no coach, using the computer as a video analyse tool seems the next best choice.
I’ll be expecting this yr to be a good one. What with this site and living training distance from a synthatic track. I’ll be able to compete this season too.

Hey Bold, good footage mate, I see your starts lack some explosivness, also maybe too much contact time on each stride from 10 to 20 meters, i think you have an awesome stride, just some more practice with the right tecnique and you will be taking off like a rocket.

Pleased it turned out to be nothing but 15 months lost is a hassle :cool:

I had a medical check up a few weeks ago and the doc did an ECG as I had an irregular heartbeat and he had a few concerns :frowning: fotunately I recalled having an ECG about 8 years ago (my last visit which was also a check up ) when I lived elsewhere so was able to get the records transferred and turns out they were the same so just ‘normal’ for me :slight_smile: