analyse this

Yup. David Oliver in particular was impressed with the rear leg tuck :).

It looks really spontaneousness. Great!

Looking at the rear leg tuck, he did look like a real hurdler:)

That was impressive!

Thanks for posting the clip.

i really like gays position here compared to blake. check out his head position incomparison…everything moving forward rather than sideways

Agreed xman: I have saved this one for the Technical File. Gay is still pretty-much in a triple extension position in the vertical and his “free” foot is tucked way up high, so distance between hip and ankle is a very short radius (not sure that’s technically the appropriate word but you know what I’m getting at). The free foot crosses at or above the knee of the supporting leg in all the fastest sprinters. The high “carry” helps “save” the hip muscles and reduces the time taken (rate) in the stride “cycle”.

In addition, his shoulders are “down” which means they can rotate (although they look a bit inhibited here - see right arm squeezed tight to the ribs). When the shoulders rotate the hips rotate in lock-step. That helps with ROM and quality of impulse into the floor which will provide optimal stride length.

The arms move towards the centre-line which of course also helps synchronise the hip movement etc etc.

Hey, with all that going on, maybe that’s part of why he runs fast :slight_smile:

Rieti 2010

Nesta Carter (JAM)

Two more wind-legal 9.9s in Rieti

Diamond League winner Kaliese Spencer is on the deck… must have been a terrifying moment for both women in Rieti

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