analyse this

OH, there’s PLENTY to analyze :cool::wink:

regarding Klishina, I dropped a note to Mike Powell suggesting he needs to coach her:

His reply follows…

“I met her at a clinic in Moscow in 2009. She has a lot of potential and she could be a great jumper also.
That would be a tough job, but if the money was right, I might consider it. Seriously, she has a lot of talent and obviously she is gorgeous. Thanks for thinking of me.
Take care
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Small world, I also when to the same church that Powell went to one time…

You trained with Randy Huntington?

Very nice glutes;)

I need to correct myself, I was under the same coach as Larry Myricks but Powell was part of the connection somehow (I think in high school as he went to HS in W Covina) but I never met him; I always get their training background confused as they were talked about so much. The church recollection still stands as I did visit the same church as Powell because me and another 27 long jumper went to this church in California and the pastor introduced him and I rememeber my training bud told me that he knew him.

This is just a snapshot of the connection; on this webpage you see Gerald Williams (9.9 guy), Dr. Gregoire, Angela Williams and Mike Powell; all these people know each other and I know 2 of them.

David Oliver better watch out

Wow! Is that real?

Here’s the video

Yup. David Oliver in particular was impressed with the rear leg tuck :).

It looks really spontaneousness. Great!

Looking at the rear leg tuck, he did look like a real hurdler:)

That was impressive!

Thanks for posting the clip.