analyse this

did you cheat? :wink:

if you quote the post the url includes butchreynoldscavsfan.jpg

haha, NO! I didnt cheat - i was too tired to even think on how to Spell his last name… thats why i went 1st name only. :cool:

Oops. OK, I’ll be more devious next time. Indeed it is Harry “Butch” Reynolds, former WR at 400m.

OK. Who agrees that women tennis players are better athletes than Olympic sprinters. And who is this postergirl for tennis athleticism?

I haven’t done this before thought I’d give it a try…The young man has currently run between 6.88, 6.89 & 6.90 in our first 3 meets. However, last season he consistently between 6.80 & 6.83. He also has an indoor 200m pr of 21.24 (on a 300m track).

Seems to be drumming and not have a lot of ROM around the shoulders, Randy. Possibly a bit of a posterior tilt as well, not sure it is excessive though.

Thanks…by trying to improve posture and with it foot strike he’s started to limit the bkwd stroke of the arms. Very frustrating. :slight_smile: I’ll try to find a clip for last year.

How is his oblique strength? Have you cued anything on the arms or just kinda letting it work itself out for now? I’ve, in the past, had the tendency to do something similar with my arms and it took me thinking to force them to stay 90 degrees and pulling the elbows down and back to get the correction (even though they don’t actually stay @ 90 degrees).

This from the 2009 indoor season I believe he ran 6.83.

This was our official season opener where I believe he ran 6.89.

We’ve played with cues that emphasize the hand and forearm…I may have to take your suggestion and work the up to the elbow :smiley:

Carmelita Jeter (RIGHT), Glasgow 60m, January 2010



It has been observed by one of our forum members that given how far the free knee has already advanced ahead of the vertical plane, Carmelita’s grounded ankle should already be extended. This may account for her relatively slow time. But our coach also notes she was probably tired coming into the meet after international travel from the US westcoast.

Of course there may be other issues. This is an image of a very brief moment frozen in time. She may have hit a soft patch in the track (if it was suspended on boards for example) which may have rocked her back onto her heel.

They look so happy doing exchanges! :slight_smile:

Kelvin Hall 60m is on boards.

I think the photo is just before you’d expect ankle extension. The heel is slightly clear and on the way up. Her form looks pretty damn good to me.