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LaShawn Merritt winning 2009 USA 400m title

Sanya Richards en route to winning 2009 USA 400m title

Michael Rogers wins 2009 USA 100m title

Gil Roberts is one of the worst looking fast guys that I have ever seen!

Going on this photo in isolation, his action looks a lot like that of Butch Reynolds…

I can’t find video of the race, but to me at least he looks A LOT worse than Butch did. Maybe it was just this race, he just doesn’t look like he should be running sub-46, much less sub-45. Overwhelming desire can get results on occasion, especially in the 400/400h, and this may have been one of them.

Didn’t Roberts pull his hammy at the NCAA Championships a couple weeks back? He sure got himself back quickly for this weekend.

Not sure. I did find a clip of his heat on FloTrack, but it was really controlled because of the pedestrian pace.

mike “BLUE COLLA CARPENTER BUILT” frater pickin dem up an puttin dem down for his #5 major champ tourney.

As far as I know…he just got a cramp in his hamstring. He didn’t the 4x4 because if you don’t finish one event, you can’t do any others… He tried to run the 400m in the Nike Mawler… if you’ve ever tried the spike you’ll know it’s not for the 400m. It’s for professional 60m sprinters… :wink:… if anyone wants good quality videos from the US trials.

I was just thinking his head position is remeniscant of Steve Lewis.

It was a cramp. Also, you don’t have to finish the race to run the 4X4. As long as you line up and put forth an “honest effort”. He would be fine. However for some reason he didn’t want to run the 4X4 at NCs. :slight_smile: Either the way the future is bright for him.