An unreal quickness drill

Everybody give this drill a try, it’s amazing for developing quickness and a lightning speed first step. It’s so simple yet superior at training your brain to move your legs faster.

Go to any open area, just walk around thinking about whatever the hell you want. Then out of the blue, explode in one direction(right, left, forward, or turn around and go backwards) about 4 or 5 steps. Stop and repeat a few times. Then rest between sets so you’re fresh. You can really feel your cns working.

LOL!! Sounds like your going from a totally relaxed state and then just exploding into a violent sprinting action. Sounds like it could work. Just dont do it around too many people… They might think ur WACKO!!!

I do something like that except i call mine"running around in circles with a weighted vest"

It is better to have visual commands from a coach when preforming a drill like this. You don’t want to think about what direction you are doing in, you want to respond to your enviroment changes. Chaos training.