An interesting view of Powells block settings.

This is a video I “ripped” of Swedish Television. It is only the first half, because my computer shut-down in the middle of it. The consensus was that Powells back leg is to straight. The graphics is based on his world record run.

all i can get is powells position in “set”.back leg is too straight but is this fact that is actually @ this angle???

could somebody postthe actual WR again

Remember to save the file before viewing it to see everything.

I have posted Powells race again:

His back leg does look awfully straight and his butt is up real high. Lack of strength prehaps is the reason his coach wants hip hips so high?
Experts…Herb, Xman and company feel free to correct this pic. if I drew the angles wrong.

how da hell did he set a world record like dat?
i wonder how fast he coulda run if he corrected his starts.

The picture is completly wrong about Powell’s block position.
Compare the Swedish TV picture with a photography of Powell in Ostrava.
Red lanes compare shoulders and hip positions, as well as front knee relative to back knee. In Ostrava, the front knee is higher relative to the ground that back knee, in the Swedish picture it’s the opposite. To imitate the Swedish picture position, Powell would have to rotate his pelvis forward and on the right-hand side.

You can see that in reality, Powell’s hips are much lower, thus the back knee is more flexed.

The consensus was that Powell’s back leg is too straight? Did the consensus had ever seen Powell on the track? :smiley:

BTW Thor my post is not against you because you do a great job posting video in this forum, keep on good work! :wink:

good work can clearly see flexion in the rear leg leading to a decent angle.