American Colleges and Sprinting

To all the Board Members!!!
If you could do it all over again, or tell give someone advice and this person was looking for a flourishing career in track and field, would you suggest to them to run for a college program? or would you suggest otherwise? comments, anyone? I ask for opinions b/c of my current circumstances. I am at a college now (not running this yr b/c of injury) that LOVES quantity. Everything is slow and long with short rest. and when they do speed, it just doesn’t seem right, form, sounds (feet on the ground), the techniques they hail as the best ever just don’t seem correct to me and does not agree with all that I have read, including CFTS. What are some of your opinions? I appreciate it!

Ah…those were the days in California. I sure miss Northern Cal.

I appreciate it Kenny Mac, I will see you soon I am sure. I hope the best for SFSU, but I am too close from a degree to change schools. I would love to deal with a coach that has well thought out plans and understands the concepts of speed (Chabot spoiled me!!! It was all SPEED!!) ps, word in the CCAA is that UCD #1 400m guy has no grades, so that’s easy points for your guys to pick up! See you around, good luck at Mt Sac

Hang in there! Things will get better for you! Just be patient.

There’s a very good sprint coach over at San Francisco State University that would love to help you.

Kenny Mac~~

unfortunatley alot of college programs are like you just described and many however are not. its about finding the right program with the right coach. if you check another thread that has been made by a female on this forum recently she is having basicaly the same problem you described. i belive the thread is entitled something like “my coach doesnt know what shes doing” or something along those lines.