America population reaches 300 million

Nation’s Population to Reach 300 Million on Oct. 17

  The U.S. Census Bureau today reported that the nation’s population will reach the historic milestone of 300 million on Oct. 17 at about 7:46 a.m. (EDT). This comes almost 39 years after the 200 million mark was reached on Nov. 20, 1967. 

  The estimate is based on the expectation that the United States will register one birth every seven seconds and one death every 13 seconds between now and Oct. 17, while net international migration is expected to add one person every 31 seconds. The result is an increase in the total population of one person every 11 seconds. 


they have a counter on the site and just under a day later there has been 4036 people added already.

With only 5% of the worlds population the USA uses 25% of the worlds power. cant see them leaving iraq anytime soon :eek:

Monthly World population figures:
07/01/06 6,528,089,562
08/01/06 6,534,625,672
09/01/06 6,541,161,782
10/01/06 6,547,487,051
11/01/06 6,554,023,161
12/01/06 6,560,348,429
01/01/07 6,566,884,540
02/01/07 6,573,420,650
03/01/07 6,579,324,234
04/01/07 6,585,860,345
05/01/07 6,592,185,613
06/01/07 6,598,721,723
07/01/07 6,605,046,992

currently at


Lol, thats mind boggling for me, my island’s population is somewhere around 100,000

i am dead smack in the middle of 1.4 billion at present and it feels like the entire 1.4 were all on the train i just got off an hr ago.

i know where id rather be right now and it aint here in china lol, st vincents would be just perfect right about now