Amazing kid boxer

You have to see this to believe… :slight_smile:


Such speed and power for a 5 year old

I wonder what will happen with this child… is this early specialization? Will she become awesome boxer? Will she become an athlete anyway???

He’s a boy.
Here’s another video where he’s challenged to do 100 push ups :slight_smile:

Sorry, I thought it was a girl :slight_smile: Dumb me :slight_smile:
Fanstastic performance… speed, body movement (weight shift)… amazing…

… workouts designed for adult athletes…
this is what his dad said!!! I bet my whole paycheck this kid will stop doing sports before reaching maturity… but who knows

It sort of reminds me of that Tarzan kid. As soon as he stopped working out, he didn’t know what to do with himself. They’re teaching them what obsession is, that haunts them forever afterwards. … I think.