Am I Alright at Long Jump??


Age - 18
Gender - Male
Weight - 50kg (110lbs)
Height - 167cm (5’6")

Benchpress Max - 45kg (99lbs)
Squat 1RM - 75kg (165lbs)

Long Jump Personal Best - 5.36m (17’8")

So do i have potential to go alright in the future with proper training?

I know I am interested in 100m also, but i very much also enjoy doing long jump. Just a month or so ago, my PB was 5.06m (16’8"). So improving over 30cm (1’) in a month without long jump training (more 100m based) so i very pleased. Or it could of been the situtation.

I have another meet coming up in a month or so (approx, no excact date) and i am competiting in long jump. And this will probably take me to State if i come first or second.

So i am wondering if i have potential on going really well in long jump with correct training and dieting?

Thoughts, opnions, questions ect are most welcomed. thankyou