hi guys.
hold me accountable to this: next week I am going to be an All-american pentathlete, and the only way I will be satisfied if I don’t achieve that is if I break 3,200 points. one or both will happen! wish me luck. (which i don’t need since i am so damn well-prepared… yaaaaa shot put and 800m!!)

Awesome. Good luck!

i took 7th in the country…
I’m not happy about it at all, but i guess i’ll try to put it in perspective and have some appreciation… i did as well as i could that particular day. if i were in college, it would have been all-american.
2 out of the 5 events were BIG pr’s, one event went ok, and two were awful, and i still had a PR for points and was real close to that top six.
the next goal is top 8 at junior nationals in heptathlon… i project to top 10 in last year’s results, now the work begins!

Two big PRs and a points PR is something to be proud of. Congrats!

Great job this indoor season…the key is to balance the workload more and not be tempted to add too much…you have a great coach so you will be in great hands.

Good job! can you post the individual results?

Nice job Kra! Keep up the good work.


Nice job this weekend. You have a tough job as the big dogs are also from MA. At least you drop the one to softball this spring.

Where are you going to end up next fall? I think the VT girl is going to BC, she trains here often. I too looked for the individual event results but a quick look only turned up the Pent totals. How were your individual events?


I will post them… 3 out of the 5 are kind of embarassing, but i know you can’t expect to have a PR in every event in a competition that lasts 7.5 HOURS in brutal heat!

60mH: 9.26 (conv 55 = 8.36, previous PR 8.61)
HJ: 5’0.75" (PR 5’3")
Shot: 25’10" (PR 29’8")
LJ: 15’11" (PR 17’2")
800: 2:26 (previous PR 2:33)

point total was 3164, previous best had been 3078. I projected over 3300 on a perfect day, but that is pretty unlikely in a pentathlon. Mass. is tough- 3 of the top 5 at this meet were from here, and 2 of them posted the #3 and #5 all-time point totals in US.
coachmdd- I don’t know where I’m going yet, college letters are sent in a couple of weeks :eek: but wherever I go, I’m going to be running!!

p.s. thanks for the kind words, guys… i wanted that all-american so badly and it’s been tough.

Wow, those are sexy stats Kras! Congratulations.

thanks :slight_smile: i did the best that i could. that 800 had pretty brutal effects the next day, but i was so mad at having 3 bad events in a row that i went out and ran faster than anyone thought i could. i did a total of maybe 3 pacing workouts in the past 3 weeks and i trained for the 200 all season, so it was pure determination! I ran faster than 3 legs of our #8 in US 4x800 team and scared them all into running 2:25’s… which is great because i didn’t really want to make the switch :rolleyes:

Well done Kras - great work - don’t be so hard on yourself - those PR’s are damn good!!

by the way did i mention i hate colleges because they make me feel like a failure, thanks.

Why’s that Kras. College is all about trying hard, learning and bettering yourself, so essentially everyone is a failure all the time.

Don’t feel bad.

If you feel bad, just give me a call and I’ll tell you my pr’s and my results, and THAT should make you feel really bloody good about yourself.

actually, i got rejected by harvard and yale, even after the yale coach told me he thought i was in, and the harvard admissions told my school i was a top candidate.

to be rejected even with all that extra help- THATS gotta make me feel pretty low. :frowning:
i am waiting on some others, now i don’t know where i will end up.

Being rejected by Harvard and Yale hardly qualifies you as a failure! Wait and see what comes and make te best of it. maybe you’re in for grad school.

thanks… i know it is not the end of the world, but within the context of my town, my school, and my family, it’s a VERY big deal that i didn’t get in.

great job!! :slight_smile:

Don’t be discouraged!!


And that’s worrying you??? c’mon, any of those schools would be freakin lucky to have you.

Seriously, you have no idea how many years I’ve been “piss-farting” around uni until finally I realized what to do with my life.

Remember, if you work hard and have an objective then no matter how many people tell you that you can’t possibly fulfill it then you will just prove more people wrong. Even if you have to take a sabatical year to relax and study for your SAT’s and train then do it coz it’s not a year wasted, it’s a year of maturing and growing and realization. You’ll know by the end of that year what you really want.

If you wan’ any more help, or advice about uni, jus’ give me a buzz on my personal.

im accepted to williams, amherst, and middlebury. the #1, #2 and #7 ranked colleges in US. :smiley: who needs fucking yale and harvard.
amherst has come off as pretty distance-oriented to me, so i think it is between williams and middlebury. as you probably know, i’m a strong multi athlete, my strengths within that being the jumps and especially the hurdles. any input is appreciated… this is not an easy choice!