alka seltzer

Anybody tried it yet. I heard it is a good latic acid buffer. The main ingredient is sodium bicarbonate.

you’d probably need a shitload of alka seltzer. i think the sodium bicarbonate dosages for buffering is like 30g or more. not fun. try beta alanine.

I have read that athletes see results with 2 grams which is in alka seltzer

can you point me to that info?

I’ve had many over the last several days, very tasty.


Did it slow down the lactic acid buildup in your typing hand.

No idea, but you’re reading this post no?


PS: Try typing with two hands…its faster.

I have to use my feet to type because I lost both of my hands 2 yrs ago.

I hope you’re enjoying yourself nonetheless.


I took some today.
I did 5x20 m starts with the isorobic exercisor,
Then I did 1x120.
Then I DID some plyos. Hurd hops X20 Single legX10.

I felt no buildup what so ever. I ususally slow down the last 15 meters of a 120. I was able to keep me knees up threw the line. Maybe its placebo, but Im gonna do it again.

(2 * 0.2g/kg doses taken 90 and 20 minutes before the start of the sprint test)

aka 30g or more

Make sure you are near a toilet! It can increase your “transit time”!:wink:

If we talk about the same stuff, I’ve read some crazy stuff about this alka seltzer… sounded very dangerous.

short form:

-increases apoplexy danger

I have a very long texte about alka seltzer but it is in german :frowning:

how much do you have to take for that to happen?