Alex's Training Journal

This is just a log of my training, main purpose being to keep me motivated. Feel free to make any helpful comments.

Personal Info

150 lbs


60:7.96 FAT
100:11.91h, 12.37 FAT
200:24.91 FAT
300: 40.73 FAT

Thursday, May 15

Competition: 2*100: 11.91h (heats) 12.09h (final)(came 3rd in age group)

60m hurdles ("30): 9.83 (heats, eased up a ton), and 9.20 (final; shows how much I eased up in heats.)Won age group!

I also ran the anchor relay leg for my team

Friday May 16th


Saturday May 17th

Competition: 100- 12.37 FAT (I won my age division, weather was very cold and I am currently nursing a hip injury)

200- 24.91 FAT (same conditions, came second in my age group by about 2 meters)

Sunday May 18th

Tempo: 2000 meters

Monday May 19th

Tempo: 2400 meters

Tuesday May 20th



Okay I haven’t really got around to updating this thing for quite some time. I haven’t been busy, just lazy. I’ll try to update it more regularly from now on.

I don’t quite remember everything so I’ll just fill in the major details. I had a comp last Saturday, and I ran absolutely terrible. I only did the 100 and ran a 12.63 FAT, when a week earlier I ran a 12.37, also electronic. The only good thing was that the wind was -1.9, so I kind of have an excuse…

I did a tempo session the Sunday after that then on Monday I did speed.

Monday’s Speed Work(All runs timed off first step.

30 meters 4.00, 3.99, 3.97, 3.99

60 meters 7.43, 7.52

For this work my hip was still really bothering me.

Tuesday-Thursday camping: Did a couple of massive hikes, played football and soccer, but no real training. The good news though is that after this trip my hip flexor pain practically vanished.

Friday May 30:rest

Saturday May 31: I had to do an intensive tempo workout with my club against my will. It was something like 36100 with 50 meter walk rest between reps and 4 minutes between sets. I probably did them at about 14-15s per 100.

Sunday June 1 Did a brief calisthetic workout and stretched.

Monday June 2 Rest

Tuesday June 3

I was quite happy with all these times as they were on grass in running shoes (no spikes.

100: 11.8h, 11.93h
60 hurdles 30":9.0h, 9.2h
Discus:32 meters
Ran 2nd relay leg

Wednesday June 4th
Thursday June 5th
I did some long jump. I did five jumps. It was sort of like sub max speed work, about 25-30 meters per rep. Felt good.2*200 3 minutes in between!These were extremely fast and extremely hard. This was with my club as well so I didn’t have a say in this.
Friday June 6th
Supposed to be a rest day, but I ended up playing a lot of basketball at school. We were trying to dunk on this 9’ rim, so I did quite a few max vertical leaps that may have somewhat affected my recovery.

Damn your only 14? Your really smart for that age. And fast too.

Thanks Pete! I appreciate the encouragement. .:clap:

Saturday June 7

After my brief warmup I went over to the field where I do my tempo. I was only able to get four runs (100) as there was a football game going on. Dissapointing. When I got home I felt empty, so I decided to do some depletion pushups (for those of you that don’t know what these are, they are three sets of pushups to failure with 90 seconds of rest in between!), just so I actually felt like I did something. Went like this:

Set 1: 59 (New PB. My old PB was 57, however I was suprised at getting a PB today, as I haven’t done these in over a month.)

Set 2: 17 (This is where I usually am for the second set, however it was dissapointing after the stellar first set.)

Set 3:12 (New last set PB)

I was dissapointed about the tempo, but fortunately the pushups went well. I’m going to do speed either tommorrow or Monday.

Once again it’s been a while since my last update so I’ll fill in the blanks the best I can.

Sunday June 8
Tempo: 2400 meters
Monday June 9


I did 6 30’s and two runs up a nearby shallow hill. The time were coming in about 3.96-3.99 (from first step), however after doing the hills I ran a 3.93 even though I was quite tired.

Tuesday June 10
Wednesday June 11
I raced two fifties, uphill on grass in running shoes, timed by someone else. They came in at 6.7 and 6.6.
[/b] Thursday June 11[/b] 3 Block starts out to about 60 meters at full speed. Not timed
Friday June 12
Saturday June 13
Competition: New FAT PB 12.20 The conditions were near perfect, however I was racing with guys much older than me (winning time in my heat 10.98) so this may have affected my ability to relax, or run my own race. I have the 200 tommorrow, hoping for PB there as well.

Well I didn’t run the 200 on the 15th after all. I got a bad cold after my 100, so I didn’t get to run it, and it also prevented me from training for the following week. The only thing I did that was intensive at all was playing football at school. I didn’t start up again until Thursday the 19th.

Thursday June 19th

Speed: 50’s from blocks. I did 5 of these (not timed) just focusing on smooth transition for the upcoming meet. My cold was still bothering me a bit.

Friday June 20th

Rested, drove 3 hours to meet, still trying to shake reminents of cold.

Saturday June 21st
Competition: Provincial Championships Let me just start by saying the conditions were absolutely brutal. There were puddles an inch deep right in the middle of the track, it was cold, and it was the biggest headwind that I have ever run into. While I was warming up it was blowing me around. At the long jump pit that runs the opposite direction from the track, they were getting reading anywhere from 3.0 to 7.0! That means I was running into a -3 or -7. I asked my coach and he said it was much more than 5. Just as an example, the open men’s winning time was NOT under 11. These are guys that knock of 10.5’s outdoors and 6.8’s indoors typically. In the prelims it wasn’t quite that bad. I managed a 12.54. It was the fifth best qualifying time. The final was absolutely brutal and I ran a 12.75. These are way off my PB’s, however I finished fifth in the province. The winning time was 12.27, the guy who came fourth in a time of 12.62 had ran a 11.94 the weekend before, and is consistently under 12.1. I don’t know what to make of it.

Provincial Champs Day 2
Today was 200’s. The conditions were similar to, but not as bad as Saturday. The wind in my prelim was -3.5, however compared to yesterday I could barely feel it! I ran a 25.45 in the prelim finishing second and qualifying for the final in the fourth position. I got lane six. In the final I tried to be a bit more aggressive on the corner, but still staying relaxed. When I came off the corner I was about fifth. However I relaxed, and pulled away from the two guys beside me, ending up third overall, in 25.45, the exact same as in my prelim. I was happy to medal in something. Overall the weekend went well. I’m choosing to ignore my times because the condition sucked ass. I feel like my 100 is between 12.1-12.2 right now, and my 200 24.6-24.7 in half decent conditions.:shoot:

Monday June 23
I did a calisthetic/general strength workout. I kept the intensity low coming off the meet. Core reps, medball throws, squats lunges and duckwalks, which after reading this thread
My quads are really sore today. I’ll try to get outside to do tempo today, if not I’ll have to do the same thing I did yesterday, minus the duckwalks of course.