alcohol and track

So here it is, how much do you think drinking affects you on the track. Do you think 1 or 2 times a month is negligible or has a big impact. Every weekend hurt alot or do hardly anthing, lets here it!

I don’t actually think it does very much.

Once upon a time I would have said no to drinking all together during comp. season, but I’m starting to think that its effects might be somewhat overestimated.

Most, if not all traces of alcohol are removed from the system within the 24 hours following. However, excessive alcohol consumption can lead to dehydration. I would assume that this can be prevented by increased fluid consumption before, during and after a big one…

It also makes you more womanly (test and estro wise)

10- chracters

Check that out. Not all of it is interesting, but there are some good quotes.

very interesting discussion, I think everybody has their own views on the topic. Some think it has a huge negetive impact and some not at all. personally I drank probably once every 2 weeks all of last spring and fall and by drank I mean more then a few, and thats not counting the booze fest that happened at beginning of school. Ive just always been curious of the effect and have heard different things from different people.

I believe the answer to be very relative - relative to how alcohol affects you personally, how much you drink, how often, and how well you take measure to counteract the bad effects, like by keeping hydrated and full of electrolytes during and after drinking.

In moderation, I don’t think drinking has all that many ill effects, but if you get carried away it obviously will.

I drank quite a bit in college - sometimes 6 times a week. Instead of kidding myself and saying it wasn’t hurting me, I tested out abstaining to see if I noticed a difference in my training and gains (I was only bodybuilding at the time, however). I completely quit alcohol for 16 weeks, and to be honest, I didn’t really notice anything. I never really got raging hangovers in college though.

The older I get the easier it is for me to get a hangover, so now I can’t really say it doesn’t hurt me. When I do drink now (maybe 2-3 times a month) I take big precautions not to get hungover. I drink water in between drinks, take an extra multi-vitamin, and have V8 or gatorade on hand for the electrolytes the next morning. Doing this does a decent job at preventing hangovers. My friends all laugh at me because I bring a case of gatorade to almost every party I go to. But then they all thank me the next morning. :slight_smile: I aslo try not to do any serious training the day after heavy drinking. The sunday morning flag football games after drinking absolutely kill my joints, regardless of how well I prevent a hangover.

It is a very interesting subject I do have to agree. I will say I participated in the crazy drunk frosh week and all that and drank on occassion maybe once every month. That was first year I am now in third year and have basically cut out drinking entirely. It is a wise decision I feel but one that does not necessairly have to be made. I don’t know how badly it affects performance overall but the feeling afterwards being out of commission the next day is really what I hate.

I would avoid it during the season but at the end is always a great way to either celebrate a successful season or put to bed a miserable one.


Does anyone knows something about
or heard about a research ( scientific )
where they prove that alcohol/marijuana can relax muscles ( an body ) or it is just a feeling of being relax ? ( just a mind state )

Flying - Use this to locate the type of research you are looking for.

LOL, this Google tool is getting bigger than whole world…have you saw the Google Earth ?

I’ve seen them all, theres even a google print were you can veiw text of books for free! It’s an online libry(sp)!

go to the track library at

they have an article on alcohol and athletes

Zinc status is a issue with alcohol use. Perhaps those that find ZMA to be very effective are drinking on weekends…I don’t have the blood work to prove it though.