What do you think of drinking alchohol when you are serious about sports?

I have never touched alchohol at an age of 18. And I don’t plan to do it.
Many of my soccer-friends drink alot in the weekends, I can’t think of any other but me that don’t drink on my team (some less, some more). Also, does alchohol affect the training? It’s a question of moral and ethics here I think.

look at norwegian soccerplayers at old age (when they turn 30) look at the shape they are in! Even while still competing! You can tell who has been partying every weekend and who has not.
It is a question of rythm. Drinking alcohol ,like training at high intencities speeds up the rythm of the body and soul ,and needs to be countered by a slow rythm and relaxation.
Doing both means that you get inproper rest. Dont drink,be young!

it all depends on the severity and how many/how often drink you is totally possible to enjoy a drink after a hard days work to relax and socialise a little.BJ liked his guinness,lewis liked his shorts/cocktails.usually the soccor players go way over board because of the moneys and overall wealth involved in that sport plus george best fairly set the trend on that issue.BTW did anyone seen that guy lately,personally i think the guy blew it-the highlife huh!

There is a negative correlation between blood alcohol concentration and testosterone levels. Since T is a limiting factor to trainability I’d stay off it!

ok alcohol is very toxic but 2-3 guinness’ a week wouldn’t do any harm at all,think of all the iron and reaking farting,nothing worse than 10 pints of the black stuff and then going into explosive mode,god help your partners health and sense of smell:P

Alcohol is not necessarily good for you, and it and alcoholism is a massive topic reaching beyond sport itself to societys’ own treatment of accepted social ‘drugs’ etc.

The G Is Good for You, though,

Bottled G has a particlularly high concentration of Iron and nutrients and small tablespoons is often given to children to boost their iron levels at times of sickness, (beats Calpol!).

It would have to be better than most of the other pi** out there anyway!!