Alan Oliveira runs 10.57 100m WR – Should We Worry?

No. That said Paralympic athletes should not be allowed to compete with Olympic athletes. The blades do give the disabled athlete an advantage over a non-disabled athlete. It takes a whole lot less force/energy/effort to move half a leg than it does to move a whole leg. And likewise, from what has been seen so far, it is a disadvantage for the disabled athlete during the start and accelerating compared to a non-disabled athlete. Either way, they are not on level playing grounds and should not be competing against each other.

I agree. I predict that the next 10-20 years the para records in the sprint events will be faster than able body. Cyborgs…

How many sprinters have Usain Bolts levers or genetic gifts ? When we really think about, no one is competing a on a level playing field.

Yea but bolt didnt go out and design his legs and arms.

What about the rest of them that are testing positive?

Their supplementation programs have been “designed”.

Obviously this. And if it gets to a point where the tech is clearly so superior to the natural human body, are you going to start amputating limbs just to compete? Do you think anyone should have to make this choice? Clearly there is no such thing as a completely level playing field. Life isn’t fair and never has been. But Bolt received all his genetic gifts by the fairest possible way in life; by random chance.

I think it is pretty obvious that there is a massive difference between a “supplementation” program and having technology that replaces large or entire portions of a limb.

Either way its not a level playing field. Which was your reasoning for excluding Paralympic athletes.

same thing for the paras. They juice up as much as the able body. THey found vials of test in oscars house soooooo

400m record is going to be first to go. The blade advantage really seems to be speed endurance, if Oliveira has the desire/work ethic I don’t think a 42 is out of the question.

The German single amputee Markus Rehm jumped 7.95m. He takes off with his prosthesis rather than his natural foot!

Those substances were herbal. But no doubt PED exist in Para too.

Have your legs cut off and gets some blades. :cool:

You first Sharmer

The one that should truly worry is his girlfriend…

I prefer having organic legs over carbon fibre ones. :stuck_out_tongue:

This is a banned topic, you guys have been here long enough to know that.

And your doing a good job of reminding us. thanks for your contribution to the thread…