Al Vermeil reviews GPP Essentials

Coach Vermeil on GPP Essentials.

The best tape I’ve have ever seen regarding speed preparation, not only for sprinters but it applies to all sports. The medicine ball explosion series into the pit really would be first drill I would incorporate if I were coaching football at any level. Coaches are going to learn more in 57 minutes from General Speed Preparation tape, then they would learn in 57 hours from any other speed tape.

Al Vermeil

Strength and Conditioning Consultant To the Chicago Bulls

He’s spot on. I couldn’t agree more. Coming from Al Vermeil too, wow… GREAT PRODUCT!!


We’d like to know what you thought of GPP Essentials. Did the program work for you/not?



Yes, the GPP DVD is excellent. The drills and workouts are very manageable. It is set up so that the athlete develops all the necessary sprint skills without the traditional “technical work” that can be frustrating for the athlete early on.
As Charlie put it, it is set up so that the athlete is met with success every step along the way.

Pretty much the base for our fitness and pre-intensification conditioning work. Hills and medball utilization have been extremely important in our program.

i t works, expecially in the details.It gives you great ideas even if you do not follow it precisely.
the med ball series are great, as well as the running technique explanations.

I agree 100%.

It is so good that I suggest that Rupert increases the price by 300%!!! That way, less people will have access to it and therefore my athletes will have less competition. I can’t think of a week since I got it that I haven’t popped it in the DVD player and watched a bit of it for reference and refreshers.

I just want more people to see it, we have it available for download now and the price is more than right.


i alreaddy have the dvd, its great and ill be strating be gpp based on the dvd next week but maybe you should make the graphs downloadable from the site aswell.

Loved it, I have watched it many times. I’m still injured but I have had success using the program for one sprinter.

I agree with you,the price is excellent.


I read speed trap when it was first released and then CFTS book when they came out but
KK put me onto this site about 3-4 years ago…
i have since got most of the dvds…

i have in the past used a short to long program but last season made some slight variations based on the dvd…

the results were amazing 10.28 100m guy and the rest of my entire squad all recorded PB’s over 100/200 during the summer…

i feel its a combination of the dvd, charlies advice on bend running, and this site in general i’ll be a fan and supporter of all products…