Al Vermeil on Charlie Francis

I attended a talk by coach Vermeil at the recent NSCA sport specific conference in Orlando. It was cool to see that he not only mentioned Coach Francis numerous times, but always with the highest of praise. Granted they’re friends, but it was cool to get the rest of the word out to the rest of the S/C world.
He also plugged the DVD and this website so don’t be too surprised to see a few new faces.

How was the conference? Any other worthwhile presentations, other than the one by coach Vermeil?

The conference was GREAT! I was impressed at the level of knowledge that most people seemed to have. I’m not sure that any of the talks were great pertaining specifically to sprinting, but there was lots of novel O. lifting info/exercises. General conditioning seemed to be a predominant theme running through the conference. Such speakers included Juan Carlos Santanna, and Lorne Goldberg (who presented some CFL specific info -VERY cool).