Akrowheels and Power Rings (Buy them)

As many people know, I work at a great facility that purchases products all the time and it is great to have a budget.


After a few months I have put in a lot of time using them with various movements to enhance our strength training program and found that they are fantastic. They are not ab wheels, but I use them for various shoulder and core exercises as part of a great warm-up for benching.

The power rings are used by Phelps, the olympic swimmer, and they are great for adding spice to pull ups and pushing movements.

I am working on a PDF for athletes and they are very durable and well made. I get no kickbacks here.

Clemson, The power rings look awsome…the akrowheel?? looks cool as well they look like they would do well with bench stuff and teaching a gymnast the iron cross or planche??..Do you have any work with a Power Wheel, I am getting one next week and I have never used it but it looks like it would be fun and pretty tiring…If you have never seen one, it is basically a wheel that attatches to your feet so you can crawl around on your hands all over the place…I imagine it would be useful for wrestlers, grapplers, rock climbers, not sure…let me know if you got any info on these things!!! PEACE