Agressive dogs.

Often when I’m on the track different sorts of dogs, often agressive, are interrupting my training. It’s been 6-7 times in the last 2 months. I think dogs don’t like me… cause they attack me all the time, maybe because I stare them too much in the eyes? They seem to attack me anyways. Once I got a small bit in my thigh… not deep, but still…

And one time when I tried to run away from an angry dog, he just
became more angry… and ran like hell after me (maybe it’s hunting instinct was activated or something.)

I experienced the same thing today… I tried to escape from the dog and I jumped up in a fence that circles the stadium… and there I was, stucked, with a barking dog under me… I just had to wait till the dog went away. I’m afraid of dogs now! Scare the hell out of me.

Anyone experienced the same?

I think I hate dogs.


well if you were in brissie, I could have those dogs taken away and destroyed…but norway is a little beyond my reach… for now :wink:

They sense fear.

Bite it back. It works appartently

Don’t they have their owners with them? If they are with their owners and they attack you, the owner is in some serious trouble.

If they’re just wild dogs, kick the shit out of it. Or bring pepper spray to your workouts.

Hehe… Actually I don’t think it is just wild dogs… its dogs that for the moment are away from their owners too . Bah… I don’t know what to do… I don’t want to hurt them either… Everytime I spot a dog on the track I just think SHIT not again… Dammm I can feel the adrenaline pumps when I try to get away from the dogs… hoho.
A little too tense to call it “sprint training” I think :stuck_out_tongue:

Seriously, bring some kind of self protection with you to your workouts. You’re very lucky that you haven’t been the victim of a serious dog attack, I’ve seen some people who got randomly and viciously attacked by dogs and it is nasty (been a big issue in the news in my country recently).

If a dog attacks you and you fight back, you’re always in the right.

My question is why are you Running from the dogs? Are they little tiny ones? If a dog’s big enough to hurt you, you have no chance of outrunning it. Plus, that just triggers their “chase the prey” instinct.

Don’t run. Don’t look it in the eyes. Yell “No” and maybe have a stick.

If it comes at you scream at it and threaten it. Dont back down. If it attacks kick/punch it squarely in the face.

I had a big beast of a sheppard mix attack me once and I had to nearly take its head off with a kick before it would back off.

If you are being attacked don’t feel bad about hitting the dog. You have to protect yourself. If you show extreme dominance to the dog and threaten it, the dog should back off. If not boot it in the head :slight_smile:

I was a postman once and the bas**rds drive u nuts - pre-attack dont look it in the eyes - they don’t like it , don’t run if it’s nearby - but if it just attacks 4 no reason - go for it all guns blazing - what are the spikes 4 ? lol a sticks a good bet too .

Had a mate who used to walk posh dogs* for a living - he beat the crap out of all of them at one time to keep them in line . Easier said than done I know if u don’t like hurting thing s - but shit - if it bites ur achilles or injures u it deserves pain .

O yeah if its drooling , wobbley and don’t like water then run and go 4 a PB lol

  • er the owners not the dogs lol