Agility Videos

I’ll attack agility from another angle. What are the best videos currently on the market. Who is good and who is not?

i’ve seen many agility videos and there honestly is’t one that i 100% recommend. too many “agility” ladder drills.

all of the best experts are busy training people…the best video that might comeout is by Bryan Tobias. I refer my NFL guys to him…he creates games that are hyper fun and get guys to compete hard…he has so many reaction ball games that you never get bored.

I don’t really want to bash any person or video b/c i’m all for people trying to make money but if you pick up just one thing from any video I think it is worth it.

I agree fluke buy why not produce a great video? I want people to make money by popularity and word of mouth…not marketing.

Gil, drop me a mail and i`ll tell you the main “manual” they use for the springboks & its companion video


Ive done a quick search for Bryan Tobias and not come up with a video. Can you give me a website.

I liked you comment regarding busy people and marketing.

Its not out yet…but with cafepress it will be soon.