African Cup of nations

Who will win the African nations’ cup. Egypt or Côte d’Ivoire. I’m Egyptian and I say Egypt will wiiiiiiiiiiin. I’ll be at the stadium next Friday. I’ll also take my Camera and I’ll post on photos from the stadium.

Egypt only made it to the final with the referees help. They won’t get that much help with the final! - sorry duck, may the better win :wink:

That referree didn’t help us. !!! Why did he repeat the penelty we scored!!!??? It could have been out the 2nd time! I’m going to the stadium now. May god be with us! We scored the most goals from the start. And we concieved the least. I guess that means we are strong! We’ll See today. We beat them 3-1 in the group stage. I wish we do it again.

We won. Thank god. We are the African Champions. Its our 5th cup. A new record.

Thank you to all who participated in the poll.

MABROOOK YA AMR!! i thought this was amazing. penalty shoot outs. This was def one of the brightest moments in egyptian football history !