Affliate Program

Hi Moderators (NumberTwo, Dlive11, David.W, Dazed, XLR8, Brian M. FJlee).

I’m building the CF affliate program for product discounts etc. What do you guys think if anything about such a programs validity? How can we pull this off so the community enjoys it and its hassle free rewards by modem/otherwise?

I’d like your thoughts/opinions…


If I am following correctly, I do think that this would be a good idea for the site, because many of us take into consideration what Charlie thinks about products, whether it be supplements or training tools. Other coaches out there (as Charlie mentions) like to use their name to sale products, but he has never done this. When he recommends a product, I believe we listen because we can believe that he uses it himself. What types of products are you thinking of?

Like dlive says, the credibility issue is vitally important but that said, if it is a good product it would be nice to enable members to get access to it at a discount. I’m not sure I’m smart enough to figure out the best way to balance these two issues.


I’m thinking new training materials such as videos/dvds/seminars for products.

Keeping products cf centric will maintain integrity/credibility. If a company wishes to sell their products at the website, that is very possible and encouraged. I’m looking at several companies to approach for a link exchange/referrer IDs, any thoughts on what you want to see would be appreciated, or if you yourself know of a company that would be interested in such an opportunity, let us know.

We thought about supplements, but the logistics behind such an undertaking was way over our capabilities.



These are great thoughts. I think that more access/ more training tools (videos, dvd’s, downloadable formats?, etc) would be great. Possibly making a special ebook for specific topics, or video series. Many Many thoughts.
About supplements, it would be a double-edged sword to have them “promoted” on the site, so that is something that would need careful attention.
Are real-time internet seminars still being discussed?

Seems to me that there would be a huge response to more training materials whether they are books, DVDs or whatever. I know I would buy them!

I also think that training aids would have a good response (although perhaps a bit lower since they tend to be more costly) For example, if Charlie could find a good EMS unit that he could recommend and sell through I think lots of folks would be interested. This topic comes up regularly on the forum.

In addition, the isorobic exerciser company may be interested in selling through Since Charlie has used their products before and discusses it in CFTS, it may make sense. You could also look at hooking up with a track supply store (perhaps a click-through) for basic track supplies (spikes, batons, blocks) but the problem there is that most track stores also sell all sorts of useless training aids as well so maybe that’s not such a good idea.

I agree with Rupert and would avoid supplements for now both from a logistics and credibility standpoint, unless you were going to dramatically limit the selections to say, ZMA or some other fairly innocuous and proven supplement. The problem there is that you will rapidly be forced to compete on price since ZMA is ZMA and there is not a good way to differentiate the cf product from all of the other discount places to buy it.